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It is vital that we have up-to-date details for every student taking one of our mock test days (virtual or at a test centre).

The test papers are the same at all of our test centres (although some centres include an additional writing task), therefore you can simply choose the test centre nearest you. Once you have selected your venue(s), the next step will show a list of available dates at your selected venue(s).

Got a question? See our Mock Exam FAQ (frequently asked questions).

Below is a list of 11 Plus Mock Tests available. Select which mocks you would like your student(s) to attend and then press continue.

Got a question? See our Mock Exam FAQ (frequently asked questions).

What is the difference between tests A,B,C & D?

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Whether you are preparing for selective tests by CEM, GL Assessment, CSSE or other entrance exams, Chuckra 11 Plus is the perfect place to practise and sharpen 11 plus skills.

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