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What do I get for free?

Online 11+ Assessment Tests

All Students can take the following 7 assessment tests online for free in our online testing system called Chuckra 11+ Online (Chuckra Online Assessment Tool)…

  • Core Skills Assessments (year 4) in Verbal, Non-verbal and Numerical (maths) Reasoning
  • Initial Assessments (year 5) in English, Verbal, Non-verbal and Numerical (maths) Reasoning

These full-length tests are specially designed to contain many different question types within the one test. They are not simply sample papers, but rather valuable assessment tests to help provide insight into a student’s current strengths and weaknesses

As these tests are initial assessments, we allow longer than usual to complete them as it is important to assess a student’s ability to answer the questions at all, without imposing too tight a time limit initially.

Online 11+ Practice Questions (daily limit)

10 questions per day

Printable 11+ Practice Papers and Worksheets

Our Online Shop has a multitude of free worksheets and practice papers to download and print.

To access many more highly recommended tests which are available in Chuckra 11+ Onlineto print or take online, you will need to buy Credits.

Instructional Videos

In our Knowledgebase you will find free instructional videos showing you the best ways to answer the many entrance test question types or help understanding the commonly tested topics.

Advice and Discussions

Our Support pages include these topics of Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you have a query or an opinion about anything related to the 11 plus preparation journey? Feel free to ask a question on our 11 Plus Forum or social media pages or just lurk in the shadows and see what other people are talking about. Find responses from other Parents or Tutors and get all the latest entrance test gossip.


What do I need to pay for?

Online 11+ Premium Tests & Features

Once your Student has completed the free assessment tests in Chuckra 11+ Online (Chuckra Online Assessment Tool), you will need to purchase Credits to access further tests. 

  • Past mock exam papers
  • Mixed subject (CEM-style) practice tests
  • Other carefully selected practice papers

Credits cost less when you purchase in larger quantities, so you can buy Credits in £10 or £50 packs and there are also larger packs available for Tutors.

Premium Tests are generally 25 Credits so as an example, if you decide to purchase a £10 pack (100 credits) you can assign 4 tests and the £50 pack (600 credits) gives you 24 tests. 

When you buy any Credits pack, you will automatically get access to all of the premium features in Chuckra 11+ Online, including… 

  • Browse Tests
  • Print Tests
  • Review Tests
  • Explanations
  • Rank & Analysis
  • Performance Breakdown


  • Credits are non-refundable and are valid for 365 days from date of purchase.
  • Many of the tests are available to do online or print, but some tests are only available for online use, while others are only available to print. 

Online 11+ Practice Questions & Brain Games

In addition to doing premium tests in Chuckra 11+ Online, Students can…

  • Target individual question types or do a fun mix of questions in the much loved practice question area.
  • Boost core skills with brain games specifically designed to test the core skills needed to do well in 11 plus entrance tests.

When you buy any Credits pack (to assign tests), all of your COAsT Students will also be given free unlimited access to over 5000 top quality online practice questions and around 20 online 11+ brain games in Chuckra 11+ Online for 365 days from the date of purchase.

This makes COAsT credits unbeatable value for money! 

Buy Credits

Eleven Plus Mock Exam Days

Chuckra Mock Test DaysChuckra (the company behind has been running mock test days for over 11 years. We have seen a huge increase in demand for mock exams over the years as people now consider them an essential part of entrance test preparation.

Chuckra mock test days are always of a high standard and competitively priced.

Mock Test Days

Creative Writing Feedback Service

You can submit your student’s writing to be marked by our Examiners and receive comprehensive feedback on their writing skills and how they can improve.

Find out more about Chuckra’s writing feedback service.

More Preparation Resources

In addition to free worksheets and sample practice papers, our Online Shop has a selection of books, practice papers and games to help you on your eleven plus journey.

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