Educational Games

It is always a good idea to include quick thinking games as part of preparation for selective tests. Educational games can really help to boost core skills and make preparation fun.

Online Brain Games

Students get access to all of these educational games, specifically designed to test the core skills needed to succeed in 11plus entrance tests, when you get 11 Plus Premium.

A game to test your spacial awareness. Find the 'odd' shape.
Think you have a good sense of spacial awareness? Try this one. It might hurt your brain though!
Rearrange the cards to form a valid sum.
3 cards are displayed. You have to think quickly and decide whether the 3 cards form a valid group.
A classic short term memory game with a twist. Gets harder and harder!
Solve the anagram while the letters spin around the screen to confuse you.
A chunk has been chomped out of a picture. You have to decide what that chomp looked like. Chompy chompy.
The type of test you may find as part of a job interview. The shapes are transformed from top to bottom. Choose the one possible answer.
A classic test used in Psychology. What colour is the word?

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Offline Games

Three packs of cards designed especially for entrance exam preparation:

  • Build Vocabulary
  • Boost Arithmetic and Number Skills
  • Improve Short Term Memory and Quick Thinking Skills


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    1. Your student just needs to log in to their Student account, go to ‘My 11Plus’ and click ‘Do Question’ to start doing practice questions. Also, when logged in to your Parent account, you can go to My 11Plus then ‘Tests, Questions, Games’ to assign a test to your student. It is best to start with the Core Skills and Initial Assessments which are free to assign.

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