Educational Games

It is always a good idea to include quick thinking games as part of preparation for selective tests. Educational games can really help to boost core skills and make preparation fun.

Offline Games

Three packs of cards designed especially for entrance exam preparation:

  • Build Vocabulary
  • Boost Arithmetic and Number Skills
  • Improve Short Term Memory and Quick Thinking Skills

Online Brain Games


We have lots of educational games specifically designed to test the core skills needed to succeed in 11plus entrance tests. The games are part of our online testing system (named COAsT).

A game to test your spacial awareness. Find the 'odd' shape.
We all need to play with figures from time to time. Improve your number skills against the clock.
Think you have a good sense of spacial awareness? Try this one. It might hurt your brain though!
A simple sorting game. Sort numbers or letter in ascending order. It's all about speed.
A test of short term memory, accuracy and spacial awareness. When the targets disappear, shoot where you think they were!
Rearrange the cards to form a valid sum.
Good at spelling? How about spelling backwards? Listen to the letters and type in the word being spelt.
Keep calm to score well in this game. You need to process visual and audio data quickly.
3 cards are displayed. You have to think quickly and decide whether the 3 cards form a valid group.
A classic short term memory game with a twist. Gets harder and harder!
Solve the anagram while the letters spin around the screen to confuse you.
A twist on the usual memory games. In this game you have to memorize a sequence of sounds.
A chunk has been chomped out of a picture. You have to decide what that chomp looked like. Chompy chompy.
We all made puzzles when we were young but this game is a supercharged version. Go go go. Don't waste a single second.
The type of test you may find as part of a job interview. The shapes are transformed from top to bottom. Choose the one possible answer.
Good at spelling? How about spelling backwards? Watch the letters on screen and type in the word being spelt.
Good at spelling? How about spelling backwards? Words are spelt backwards using the phonetic alphabet. Your job is to type in the word being spelt.
Numbers on the outside of the brackets are used to make the inside numbers. Work out the missing number.
A classic test used in Psychology. What colour is the word?

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