MY 11PLUS – Quick Start

My 11PLUS is home to Chuckra Online Assessment Tool where you will find these preparation resources…

  • Video Tutorials
  • Online Practice
  • Printable Practice
  • Educational Games

You will also be able to make bookings for Virtual Mocks and/or Mock Exam Days.

Key concepts when getting started

  • Parent/Tutor Registration:
    Only Parents and Tutors can register themselves on – read more about user types
  • Add Students:
    Once you have registered as a Parent/Tutor, you will need to add at least one Student account to access everything. 
  • Student Login:
    Students must log in to their own Student account (with the username and password specified when the student was added) and go to My 11PLUS to do online practice questions, tests or play games.
  • Immediate Practice:
    Students can access untimed practice questions immediately, by clicking the button ‘PRACTISE NEW QUESTION’ on their Student Dashboard.
  • Print or Assign-for-online:
    Tests and Worksheets need to be printed or assigned to a student by their Parent/Tutor.
  • Retry Questions:
    All questions that a student gets wrong, when doing practice questions or tests, get added to their bank of Retry Questions which they can try again at any time by clicking the button ‘RETRY QUESTION’ on their Student Dashboard.
  • Basic or Premium Access:
    A free Core Skills Assessment is assigned to new students automatically, and they will get 10 free practice questions daily for a week, but to access all of the premium tests/downloads you need 11 Plus Premium.
11+ Premium Access
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