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So you want a place at a top Grammar School? is a Chuckra ProjectCongratulations! You have come to the right place. Our website is recommended by schools and tutors across the UK as an invaluable resource for anybody wanting to pass the 11 plus exam. Great for tests set by CEM Durham, GL Assessment, Moray House and more. There are many ways to practise for entrance tests. We have a large number of free 11+ papers, worksheets, games and online tests as well as other 11+ resources which can be purchased through our Online Shop. 

Chuckra runs Eleven Plus Mock Exam Days at centres across the UK. Booking for 2015 is now open. Spaces are limited, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

To get started, parents or tutors can REGISTER for free to access COAsT – the ultimate 11+ Assessment Tool, and then they will be able to add student accounts.

Happy practising and good luck!

As a Student, how can I benefit from using is here to help you improve the skills needed to pass your entrance test.

Use our online testing system COAsT

COAsT is an online system where you can take tests to help you prepare for your real entrance test. It’s easy to use with lots of tests to choose from. If time is short then ask your Parent or Tutor to assign you a quickfire test. If you are ready for a real challenge then ask them to assign you a full-length test so you can show off your skills!

Read our Knowledgebase

We have collated lots of useful info and added it to our Knowledgebase. Here you will find things like…

  • Instructional Videos
  • Tips & techniques
  • Information on question types
  • lots more
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The company behind is Chuckra Ltd – a small company with a big heart. Chuckra has a range of websites providing educational and cognitive enhancement resources which are available for free (where possible) or at genuinely low prices.

Need help? See Website Support, search the 11 Plus Forum or contact us.

94 comments on “For Students

    1. Is there any way you could take a screenshot and send it to us?

      Not sure what green bar you are talking about. Is it at the top of the page or at the bottom? There is a green bar at the bottom sometimes when you book mocks and other things.

      1. Oh…I just realised what green bar you are talking about. That’s in our Question Shuffle section. It’s a timer bar which tells you how quickly you should be answering the question. The idea is to complete the question before the bar get to the end and turns red.

    2. So what you should do is go onto my 11 plus then you see the green bar saying test to do then an number regardless to how many test your Tutor/Parent has put for you press it then you see tests then press do test and you can do the test.

  1. Thanks for all your help CHUCKRA. Your the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ve logged in with Microsoft and done a test . Now all the old enough children in my family use this website, Question Mix and COAst.
    This is the best 11+ website in the universe and it’s way more fun than going to tution. I would recommend this website 5/5 star rating.

  2. Hi Chuckra,

    I’m new to this website so I’m not sure what the difference between the student account and the parents account .Is there a way you could check to see if this is a student account or an adult account. My parent has assigned some tests for me but I can’t acess them because every time I go to My 11 plus and try to go to My Activity Tab it says My Students and it doesn’t have a button that says do test. I tried to follow your conversation with PEWSEL but this is what I ended up with. I intended for this account to be a student account. PLEASE HELP ME ASAP!!!!!!!
    P.S Sorry my comment is so looooooooooooong

    1. It says what type of account you are logged in with (Parent / Student) on the left of the screen. The account from which you wrote this message is a Parent account. There is a Student account with the username microsoft so sign in using that one to take tests.

    1. Log in using Pewsel
      go to My 11plus
      goto My Activity tab
      press do test

      Also if you go to your dashboard you can also do loads of practice questions one at a time which is fun. It’s worth it just to hear the noises it makes when you answer a question!

    1. What I usually do is I ask my older siblings or my parents. If they don’t know, I just search it up on google and try to understand. But if I am in the middle of a test, I make sure to pause it so that I don’t waste time. Once I’ve finished the test, the next time I go to my tutor (Beena Sharma) I tell her that I struggled with it so I got help. But that’s ok if you do not have a tutor.

    1. We cannot seem to replicate the issue when trying to complete a test, so please try refreshing the page and reloading COAsT to see if the issue still happens. If it does, then please kindly let us know which internet browser you are using so we can investigate further.

  3. @yummyketchup – nice login name 😉

    There were a few updates happening today which could have affected COAsT for you. Try again now. If it still doesn’t work then you may have to clear your internet cache and refresh the page.

    Let us know if you still have troubles. Good luck with the whole 11 plus preparation thing 🙂

        1. I can see that you have successfully assigned tests to your student. For your student to do the tests you have assigned to them, you must first log out of your parent account and let them log in to their student account. When they go to ‘My 11 Plus’ they must click on the green button ‘Test to Do’ on their ‘My 11 Plus Dashboard’ to see all of the tests you have assigned to them. To start a test, they need to click the green ‘do test’ button in the actions column on the list of tests. If you have tried this, but are having another problem, please kindly describe the problem in a little more detail.

    1. @Stephanie2014 – Some people might view that as a positive thing 🙂

      It depends on the parents really. Some parents like to control which tests the students take (we prefer this method) but some are too busy or find it too challenging to work out how to assign tests (it’s really not that hard 🙂 ). For those people who are too busy to assign tests we made another excellent site called That site is SUPER simple. You just sign up and start taking questions. In fact, you can even try 20 free questions without signing up!

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