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So you want a place at a top Grammar School? is a Chuckra ProjectCongratulations! You have come to the right place. Our website is recommended by schools and tutors across the UK as an invaluable resource for anybody wanting to pass the 11 plus exam. Great for tests set by CEM Durham, GL Assessment, Moray House and more. There are many ways to practise for entrance tests. We have a large number of free 11+ papers, worksheets, games and online tests as well as other 11+ resources which can be purchased through our Online Shop. 

Chuckra runs Eleven Plus Mock Exam Days at centres across the UK. Booking for 2015 is now open. Spaces are limited, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

To get started, parents or tutors can REGISTER for free to access COAsT – the ultimate 11+ Assessment Tool, and then they will be able to add student accounts.

Happy practising and good luck!

As a Student, how can I benefit from using is here to help you improve the skills needed to pass your entrance test.

Use our online testing system COAsT

COAsT is an online system where you can take tests to help you prepare for your real entrance test. It’s easy to use with lots of tests to choose from. If time is short then ask your Parent or Tutor to assign you a quickfire test. If you are ready for a real challenge then ask them to assign you a full-length test so you can show off your skills!

Read our Knowledgebase

We have collated lots of useful info and added it to our Knowledgebase. Here you will find things like…

  • Instructional Videos
  • Tips & techniques
  • Information on question types
  • lots more

Need help? See Website Support, search the 11 Plus Forum or contact us.

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  1. the website is really helpful and I recommend that everyone tries at their homes because if it wasn’t for this website then I wouldn’t have passed my 11 plus

        1. Yes, I really want to pass HB (‘Supposedly’ the best grammar school in England)
          or Wycombe Abbey (5th best school in England)
          and this website has boosted my confidence.
          I will pass my 11+ with this helping.
          It is really amazing!!!
          If anyone is reading this that haven’t registered yet, REGISTER AN ACCOUNT NOW!!!
          This has really boosted my confidence.
          TYSM Chuckra team!!!

  2. Chuckra has really helped me understand how hard the test is but it has helped me every day and I think everyone who uses it including me will pass the 11 plus

  3. Chuckra is a great website and it has helped me improve my scores and results. I recommend this website to many people who are trying for the 11+ grammar test and think they are not doing very well. This site will help you a lot. I am glad they produced this site because it gives many other students a chance to pass the CEM durnham test or any other test as it covers all the subjects that you need to learn about to be able to do your best. I am doing the test in September

  4. chukra has helped me in studies for the 11 plus by making learning fun by using games to teach me , these games have improved my scores majorly for mocks and they have improved my learning .
    I really recommend you to use because they also give free mock tests and give tips to improve your learning

      1. We don’t give free mock tests I’m afraid, but you do get free credits when you book a mock test which can be used to assign mock tests from previous years to be completed online.

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