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Want a place for your child at a top UK Grammar School?

Congratulations! You have come to the right place. is recommended by schools and tutors across the United Kingdom as an invaluable resource for anybody wanting to pass the 11 plus exam. Great for tests set by CEM, GL Assessment, CSSE, ISEB and more. There are many ways to practise for entrance tests and has a variety of resources to help you prepare your child so that they have the best possible chance of gaining a place at your school of choice.

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When you register as a Parent, you can add an unlimited number of Student accounts for free and all students get automatic access to:

  • Do 10 free online practice questions daily
  • Retry all questions they get wrong

You can also…

  • Assign for free – core skills assessment.
  • Download for free – a vast collection of worksheets and sample papers.
  • Let students use Question Shuffle to select specific topics or choose mixed topic practice questions. 

Get 11 Plus Premium

11 Plus Premium is required to assign premium tests for your Students to complete online or print tests marked as printable.

Over 30 premium tests available.

With 11 Plus Premium, all of your students will get unlimited access for 365 days from the date of purchase to:

  • Question Mix (around 5000 top quality online practice questions) 
  • Online Brain Games designed specifically to boost core skills for 11 Plus

Extra Features

In My 11PLUS:

  • Assign/Unassign Online Tests
  • Print Tests
  • Review Questions & Explanations
  • Powerful Reporting Tools – including Rank & Analysis and Topic Performance Breakdown

Using will help you to guide your students to success!

Chuckra 11 Plus Mock Exam Days and Virtual Mocks help students to overcome exam nerves before the big day!

CEM (Durham), GL Assessment, CSSE and other examining bodies

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What are people saying?

Highly Recommended. I have always recommended Chuckra as I think that the support facilities are fantastic. You don’t just book a mock – you book an entire study plan if you choose to use it. This year my own daughter is taking 11+. She did her first Chuckra mock exam in the August before she went in to Year 5. She really enjoyed the experience and although didn’t do too well at first, she quickly got used to the format and was able to redo the questions she got wrong online so understood what she needed to do. She has taken 3 more Chuckra mocks since then and now actually really enjoys the experience, especially knowing she can re-visit any questions she got wrong online. She also thoroughly enjoys being able to pick a topic she is not confident with and getting online practice questions. She loves the funny long nosed man cartoons to tell her when she’s right or wrong. I really can’t recommend this system enough – parents really should try to get the best out of it for their candidates – a little effort for massive return – don’t underuse what is being offered!
Tutor and Parent (2019)

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27 comments on “For Parents

  1. Hello Chukra team,

    My daughter found very useful to have the premium access and now finished her exam.
    I would like to know if the premium access gets auto renewed? If so, can we understand where to cancel the membership as she finished her exams?

    Thanks & regards

    1. The Premium Access does not get automatically renewed. It’s not a subscription. It gives access for 1 year. If you want longer than a year then you need to buy it again.

  2. Hi

    I don’t seem to be able to add a student from my parent account. I’ve tried the + sign but it doesn’t work! What am I doing wrong?

  3. Hello Chukra, I have assigned an online comprehension test. When student started the test we could not locate the actual comprehension piece. The window was only showing the questions. How to view the actual comprehension piece?

    1. In the instructions for each question, there should be a link to the passage. If you need further assistance, please send a support ticket from our contact us page so we can have a look at the specific test you have assigned.

    1. Are you asking how to see the results of tests and practice questions? If so, just go to My 11plus and then under ‘Tests’ click the ‘Test Results’ link. Same goes for questions. I notice that your child hasn’t taken any tests or done any shuffle questions yet. They must sign in to their Student account to take tests. Once they have completed some tests then the results will also appear in your Parent account.

  4. Hi, I would like to add an email address (for my daughter’s tutor ) on my account so that her tutor can also receive the results of the tests she’s doing. How do I go about it?

    1. Go to My 11Plus > My Students > Edit Student then add their email address in the ‘viewer’ field which is near the bottom of the student details form. The tutor must then register as a tutor using that same email address.

    1. Yes, just go to My 11plus > Student Activity and select the test then press the unassign button. Then push the print button (if there is one – not all tests are printable)

    1. Log in to your Parent/Tutor account to assign tests in COAsT (online testing system) to your Student(s) as follows…

      Log in as Parent and select My 11Plus
      Select your student in My Students
      Select Tests(s) in Test List
      Click Assign Selected Tests
      The student must log in, and select My 11Plus, to attempt the tests
      Credits will be automatically deducted from your credit pool

      Need more help with assigning tests? Go to

    1. Log in to the parent account and go to MY 11PLUS > MY MOCKS and then press the RESULTS button. On some screens the RESULTS button might not have space to show so just press the little ‘+’ button to reveal the RESULTS button.

        1. Make sure you log in to the parent account (NOT the student account) and then go to MY 11PLUS > MY MOCKS and click on the RESULTS button. On some smaller screens the RESULTS button might not have space to fit on screen. In that case, press the little ‘+’ button to expand the row and get to the RESULTS button.

    1. When you register as a Parent and add a Student account, you will be able to assign the free initial assessment tests to your student without buying credits. Your student will also have immediate access to 10 practice questions per day in question shuffle which will become unlimited when you purchase any credits to assign more premium tests.

      If you plan to book a mock exam space, you will receive free credits.

      You can also see more info about printable practice on this website.

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