Virtual Mocks

GET READY: virtual mocks take place online at your home so please read what to PREPARE for virtual mocks

As we remain wholeheartedly committed to seeing students receive the best preparation for the 11plus exams in these uncertain times, Chuckra 11Plus Mock Exams are available on set dates to complete online at your home. 

Chuckra 11 Plus Virtual Mocks will include…

  • Audio instructions
  • Realistic exam hall ambience 
  • Detailed results feedback

Helping students to overcome nerves, build confidence and perfect exam technique!

Open to anyone around the country who is starting year 5 or year 6 in Sept 2021 and who would like to sit 11+ mock tests under exam conditions to prepare for the big day.

Perfect for CEM, GL Assessment and other examining bodies!

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Dates for Virtual Mocks

BOOKING IS STILL OPEN for ALL four 2021 virtual mocks (Tests A/B/C/D).

Your student will be given late access to do the mocks any day before the end of December

Virtual Mocks are a great way for students to gain invaluable exam experience at home.


Results feedback and the ability to review the mock tests will only be made available after all candidates have completed the virtual mock exam i.e. on the Monday evening following the exam session.

Students from all regions across the UK will complete these virtual mock exams, so you will receive good comparison feedback based on this year’s cohort. You will also be able to specify your region so local comparison feedback can be made available, where applicable.


Only £35 (including VAT) per virtual mock exam session.

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