Mock Test Day FAQ

Thank you for your interest in Chuckra’s In-person Mock Exam Days.

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Please see the frequently asked questions about Chuckra Test Days below – split by info needed before booking and more details for on the day of the mock test.


Before Booking

We’ve tried to cover all queries you might have, but if we have missed something, please do not hesitate to contact us with your query.

Why should my child attend?

A big part of success in any exam is staying calm on the day and performing to one’s best ability.

Chuckra Mock Test Days can help with overcoming exam day nerves, building confidence, perfecting exam technique and highlighting any aspect of exam conditions that may cause your child to feel uneasy if experienced for the first time, such as…

  • mock_test_sessionspotential distractions by other students (coughing, sneezing, muttering to themselves, leg shaking, leaving the hall etc.)

  • potential distractions by invigilators (walking past, whispering, moving papers)

  • time management (potential difference in time shown on the exam hall clock and a student’s watch)

  • management of toilet breaks

  • filling in personal info and student number

  • reading and/or listening to instructions etc.

Where & when are the Mock Test Days?

See: Official Chuckra Mock Test Centres for dates, session times and venue address.

Already made a booking? LOG IN to your PARENT/TUTOR account and go to My Mocks to check your bookings.

What is the structure of a Mock Test Day?

Morning Session*09:40 – 12:30
09:40Session Opens – Student Registration
10:00Test: 11+ English Comprehension & Verbal Reasoning (VR)
11:00Break for 20 minutes
11:20Test: 11+ Numerical (Maths) & Non-verbal / Spatial Reasoning (NVR)
12:30End of session

Students can only attend one session per day as the same tests are used a.m. and p.m.

Afternoon Session*13:40 – 16:30
13:40Session Opens – Student Registration
14:00Test: English Comprehension & Verbal Reasoning (VR)
15:00Break for 20 minutes
15:20Test: 11+ Numerical (Maths) & Non-verbal / Spatial Reasoning (NVR)
16:30End of session

* PLEASE NOTE: The session structure might vary slightly across Test Centres i.e. start times or the inclusion of a writing section at some centres.

See: Official Chuckra Mock Test Centres for the session structure at your chosen venue.

What about Creative Writing?

Creative Writing will be included at Chelmsford (Essex), Tonbridge (Kent), London (Edgware) and Reading (Berkshire) Test Centres only. In addition to providing creative writing as part of the mock exam, we are offering something even better – a Writing Feedback Service for use throughout the year.

Can my child attend more than one mock test day?

Yes. It is often beneficial to do so, as this provides the opportunity for your child to familiarise themselves with the process on the first day and then to have another opportunity to build on aspects that may have been highlighted as areas for improvement. Chuckra Educational is providing four unique sets of exam papers this year so your child can attend a maximum of four Chuckra 11+ Mock Exam Days.

Are the same test papers used on each day?

Chuckra Educational will provide four sets of mock papers (Tests A, B, C, D) which have been specifically written for Chuckra 11+ Mock Test Days and are not publicly available. Therefore, your child will be able to attend a maximum of four test days and complete a different set of papers on each day.

Each set of papers includes English & Verbal Reasoning, Numerical & Non-verbal Reasoning (including Spatial Reasoning). It does not matter in which order these papers are sat as all four sets are similar in difficulty.

NB: Some venues will hold more than 4 mock days to offer different dates for attendance, so be careful not to book the same papers twice. The same papers will also be used at the different venues, so if you intend for your child to attend days at more than one venue, please ensure you select the correct set of tests (A/B/C/D) at each venue to avoid them sitting the same tests again.

What is the time allowed for each paper?

There are two tests per exam day. Each test is split into sections which are timed separately, but the total time for each test is 45-50 minutes.

See: Must my child do all subjects at a mock test day?

Are the test papers in standard or multiple-choice format?

The 11+ mock tests are all multiple-choice papers.

Here is an example of how some of the answer blocks need to be filled in…


In most areas, eleven plus exams are marked by a computer, so it is important to complete the multiple-choice answer sheets correctly. Although easy to do, many students have not quite perfected this and could potentially lose marks due to poorly filled out answer sheets. For example, lines which are too light or thin can get missed in the marking process. Watch this short video to help encourage good answer sheet technique…
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 See: Suitable for CEM / GL Assessment / other exam publishers?

My child will be set a Standard format paper in their real exam. Can they still attend?

Yes. The types of questions and level of questions in 11+ Multiple-choice papers and Standard format papers are very similar, so your child can certainly still benefit from the experience a mock test can provide. However, it is important that you clearly explain to your child that they will be expected to answer on a multiple-choice answer sheet. If you have not already been working through some multiple-choice papers at home, please print one from and complete it at home prior to attending a mock test session to ensure your child is comfortable with multiple-choice answer sheets.

Are the mock tests suitable practice for CEM, GL Assessment and/or other examining boards?

Yes, Chuckra has carefully analysed the types of questions and core skills being assessed by the major exam publishers when producing our challenging, high quality papers to provide the perfect opportunity for students, preparing for any 11 plus exam by publishers such as CEM (Centre for Evaluation & Monitoring), GL Assessment (formerly nferNelson), CSSE (Consortium of Selective Schools in Essex), ISEB (Independent Schools Examinations Board) and more, to overcome exam nerves whilst being assessed in a good cross-section of skills.

A child preparing for success in any 11 plus exam (selective test) should: 

  • Have strong core skills in English (incl. a large vocabulary), maths (incl. speedy arithmetic) and reasoning (verbal, non-verbal & numerical).
  • Be comfortable to read or listen to instructions carefully and answer question types which they have or have not seen before.
  • Manage their time effectively in an exam of any length.
  • Stay calm and focussed under exam conditions while working speedily and accurately.

Chuckra mock test days are highly recommended by parents & tutors in all regions as an invaluable experience for all concerned – student, tutor and parent.

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Read more about CEM (Cambridge, formerly Durham Uni) tests

Must my child do all subjects at a mock test day?

chuckra-11plus-mock-test-2Yes, we recommend doing all subjects. You can elect that your student does not do NVR, however we recommend that all students complete the NVR section as this provides additional insight into your student’s reasoning skills and the overall rank in the feedback report can be viewed including/excluding NVR.

The test session includes test papers covering Mathematics & Numerical Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning (NVR), English (Comprehension) and Verbal Reasoning (VR) because this provides a better evaluation of your child’s abilities and we can therefore give you a more in-depth report of your child’s strengths and weaknesses and most importantly insight into their ‘readiness’, compared to their peers, to pass their selective tests and go on to succeed in a challenging selective school environment.

It allows your child the chance to attempt curriculum based questions in English and maths as well as non-curriculum specific reasoning questions. Taking both tests also allows students to master their time management and develop their ability to stay calm even if faced with some question types they have not seen before.

If your child’s real eleven plus exam does not include all of the subjects commonly tested in 11+ exams, there is still a lot of cross-over in the core skills required to complete each exam and there is great value in analysing your child’s scores across all the subjects when assessing their exam performance and areas requiring further work.

Seeing that the driving force behind all LEAs recently considering/making changes to their current exams is to adopt exams which have a wider scope in an effort to test candidates more broadly and reduce the influence of excessive coaching on the selection process, we strongly believe it is best for all students (no matter which region) to attend test days covering all the subjects and hence Chuckra Mock Test Days have been carefully planned to provide high quality mock exams which are suitable (and affordable) for all students who want to secure a place at their local Grammar or Independent selective school.

What about Creative Writing?

Creative Writing will be included at Chelmsford (Essex), Tonbridge (Kent), Edgware (London) and Reading (Berkshire) Test Centres only. In addition to providing creative writing as part of the mock exam, we are offering something even better – a Writing Feedback Service for use throughout the year.

What practice should my child do before attending?

It is advisable to make use of the Past Mock Tests available in My 11PLUS (Premium) if you wish to assess your child’s ability now. This way, any weaker areas can be improved before the Mock Exam Days. 

The 11 plus Exam FAQ also provides more guidance on how to prepare for 11 plus exams.

When will we get the results?Register for free as a Parent or Tutor on

The mock test papers will be marked and made available for review in My 11PLUS (Chuckra Online Assessment Tool) so you can go through each test at home with your child. Results are often available on the same day, but please allow 2-3 days from the test date to access your child’s tests & results in My 11PLUS.

Please do NOT email or call requesting the results prior to 3 days after the test date.

Must I pay anything to register on so I can get feedback online from the Mock Test Session?

No. Your child just needs to have a free account for you to book a mock place, review their mock tests and receive feedback online in My 11PLUS.

11 Plus Premium is required if you would like to view detailed analysis and your child’s rank compared to other students on all other online premium tests (including past mock tests) and other quality practice tests.

What is the cost of attending a mock test session?

Only £70 (including VAT) per mock exam session at a Test Centre or £35 (including VAT) for Virtual Mocks.

Each session includes tests covering VR and English, NVR and Numerical Reasoning (Maths) PLUS access (within 2-3 days) to…

  • Your child’s marked tests, results & rank (comparison to peers) online.

  • Summary of your child’s strengths & areas in need of improvement.

  • Explanations for each question while reviewing the test.

  • Detailed feedback reports and analysis of the group’s performance.

Each session is 2 hours 50 minutes and your child will sit two 45-50 minute test papers in the session.

Also see: Are the same test papers used on each day? and What is the structure of a Mock Test Day?

Are mock exams included in 11 Plus Premium Access?

No. Payment by credit card or Paypal is needed when booking a mock exam. 

What is the Refund/Cancellation/Amendment Policy?

  • Changes
    Subject to availability, FREE date changes can be made online for…
    Virtual Mocks – up to the day that virtual mock is released
    In-person Mocks – up to 8 days before the exam session

  • Cancellations
    All Mock Exam Bookings (in-person/virtual) can be cancelled up to 8 days prior to the scheduled mock exam session, subject to a cancellation fee of £15 for each mock exam session. The balance will be refunded to the card you used to make your booking. 

  • Missed Sessions
    We cannot refund missed sessions, but you can request late access to do a virtual mock instead within the 14 days following the exam session. 

We reserve the right to charge an Administration Fee of £5 for late access requests or any other related amendments to a booking.

How can I book a place for my child at one of the mock test days?

Results and feedback for Chuckra Mock Test Days will be provided online in My 11PLUS. Therefore, all mock test attendees and their Parent / Tutor must have an account – it’s free, don’t worry!

Register for free as a Parent or Tutor on

To book a place at Chuckra 11+ Mock Exam Days, follow these steps…

  1. REGISTER as a Parent / Tutor on
  2. Add a Student to your Parent / Tutor account
  3. Book Mocks

Note: If you have already registered your child to use My 11PLUS then you can skip steps 1 & 2. Just be sure to LOG IN to your Parent / Tutor account before trying to book.

See: Pricing of Mocks

Need more help? Please contact us via our online form.

How can I do any past mock tests?

See 11 Plus Premium for more info about practice questions, tests (including past mock tests), games and downloads (printable worksheets) – Insane Value.

Once you have 11 Plus Premium, your student will have immediate access to Question Mix in their Student account.  They can start practising by clicking ‘Do New Question’ on the Student Dashboard in ‘My 11 Plus’.

You must be logged into your Parent account to assign tests to your Student. 

Need more help? Watch the video about assigning tests in the Support FAQ.

On the day of the Mock Test

What must my child take to the mock test session?

  • A few sharp pencils and a good eraser in a clear plastic pencil case/bag or no bag at all.
  • A water/drink bottle only i.e. no snacks.
  • An item of warm clothing in case the exam room gets cold as it will be well ventilated.
  • To speed up the registration process, please have your Chuckra 11Plus Student Number (emailed 48 hrs prior to the session) available to display on your phone or as a printed copy. You can also LOG IN to your Parent/Tutor account and go to My 11 Plus > Mocks to find your child’s Student Number next to their mock booking. 

NOTE FOR TUTORS: If you made the booking for a Student, please ensure you pass on the Booking & Venue Details to their parents accordingly. If they are a ‘Viewer’ on the student account, they will receive the above reminder email too.

chuckra-11plus-mock-test-3May I settle my child in the exam room?

Registration will take place at the entrance to the exam room. You will not be allowed to accompany your child into the exam room itself.

What time must we arrive?

All students must be ready to enter the exam room when the session opens. Therefore, please ensure you arrive 10-20 minutes prior to the start of the session to ensure you are able to find parking and get to the registration table in time.

It is important to allow time for a quick visit to the toilet just before the session too. Facilities are at the exam room.

Can I wait at the Test Centre while my child sits the test?

There is unfortunately no facility within the test centres for parents to wait, however there is usually a town with a selection of interesting coffee shops or restaurants in close proximity to each venue.

Can I see my child between tests?

Unfortunately not, as this does tend to cause disruption to the flow of the session. So we ask that parents do NOT return until the end of the session.

When should my child be collected?

All students must be collected promptly at the end of the mock session. Seeing that our staff will have to wait with students, a late collection charge (£10 for the first 10 minutes and £5 per 5 minutes after that) will apply for any students who have not been collected within 10 minutes after the session ends.

See: Official Chuckra Mock Test Centres for dates, session times and venue address.

I have another question, who should I contact?

Please contact us by completing our online contact form (recommended) or call the office on 020 8123 7911.

After attending a Mock Exam Day

When will the results be available?

Please allow 2-3 days from the test date for the results to be released, although it is often quicker than this. However, please do NOT email or call requesting the results prior to 3 days after the test date.

The results/feedback for the writing section, which is only included at some test centres, will generally be released 1-2 days after the results for the other papers.

How do I access the results feedback?

Log in to your Parent/Tutor account and then go to My 11 Plus > Mocks (on the appropriate student block) and click the pink ‘See Results’ button to view the results and mock exam feedback page.

How can I view the actual questions on the test?

The mock test papers will be marked and made available for review in My 11PLUS so you can go through each test at home (online) with your child.

You can review the full test and the answers your student chose by clicking on the link to the test which is below the title of each paper on the results feedback page OR click on ‘review’ for that test on the ‘Activity Tab’ in ‘My 11 Plus’. When you click to review the test, the test will open for you to review online (including explanations).

Can my student redo the exam paper?

Since it is much more efficient only to work on the questions a Student gets wrong as opposed to spending time redoing questions they already got correct, all questions which your student got wrong or missed out will be added to their bank of Retry Questions so they can try them all again online (untimed) by clicking the ‘Retry Questions’ button on their Dashboard when logged into their Student account.

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21 comments on “Mock Test Day FAQ

  1. Hello there my son has just completed the English and VR mock, however there does not appear to be a way to submit the mock.

    Please advise?

    1. The test is saved every 1 minute. Refresh the page and click ‘Do Mock’ again. The intro audio will play again and you can click the buttons to move past that and the test should resume/complete after that.

  2. Hi,

    I would like to book the mock exam at the Watford centre on 11th August (test B). Can you advise as to whether this would be suitable for entry into Haberdashers, Merchant Taylors and John Lyon? Thankyou

    1. Yes, please see this FAQ.

      We have done trials of students sitting good quality mock exam papers with a variety of different formats and proven that their performance compared to their peers is quite consistent in each subject, regardless of the exam format.

      As such, we have designed mock exams which we feel are hugely beneficial for students preparing for any 11 plus exam. In the actual exam, surprises can happen. Students must be able to cope with whatever question types are presented to them, even if the format is new or slightly different than expected. So students should be prepared for anything and comfortable even if the test includes something they haven’t seen before. Students suited to Grammar School will not be confused by small differences in exam format or style of question provided they have prepared well by covering a wide range of question types and been encouraged to challenge their minds.

      As more schools announce changes to their 11 plus exams each year and publishers tweak their papers to be more varied, taking the approach of ensuring your child does well rounded preparation is so important and that is why we run the mock exams we do.

    1. Yes, Chuckra Mock Exams are suitable preparation for CEM Durham style tests, GL Assessment and other entrance exams.

      In our online testing system, we have a variety of practice papers, some more similar to GL Assessment (in that they are single subjects) and others are mixed subject papers with individually timed sections. However, we do not use different papers at our mock exams in each area because the value students get from attending a Chuckra mock exam which covers English, maths, verbal and nonverbal reasoning is twofold. Not only does your child get to experience the exam environment and overcome nerves in the ‘untaught-in-school’ subjects of verbal and non-verbal reasoning, but they will also be able to see how well they do at both English and maths compared to their cohort. We will provide more info on how to analyse the results, but in essence, the feedback across all four subjects gives you, the parent, a great deal of insight into your child’s overall readiness for Grammar School and the 11 plus exam.
      Please also see this FAQ

  3. Hi
    I have added my name for the 13th July 2019 morning mock exam. When will spaces open please as i want to be sure if I will defiantly get a space. If not I don’t want to lose the afternoon slot on that specific date.
    Please can you advise asap.


    1. The 13th July morning session in Bexley is full to max capacity, so a space will only open up IF there is a cancellation (but as you are not first on the waiting list, I would recommend rather booking for the afternoon session to be sure of a space.

  4. hi therei have booked for kent test canterbury. so do i expect only kent (GL Assement ) questions or a mixed question paper type, i.e CEM AND GL together? can you please explain which type of test my mock will focus on if i am sitting at canterbury?

  5. Do the children have to wear school uniform when attending a mock. Also, where do they put their bottle of water and snack for the break, are they told where to wait in between. Many thanks.

    1. No need to wear school uniform. The snacks and water situation might vary depending on the space available at the exam centre. The examiners will guide students at the start of the day.

  6. Where in Barnet is the test centre and also is it Suitable for Dame Alice and QE Boys?
    Please advise
    Im looking at 16 June Test
    Please advise which one I need to book

  7. Full feedback (including rank) of your student’s mock exam is available when you log in to your Parent account and then simply go to My 11 Plus > My Mocks where you will see a blue ‘RESULT’ button next to the booking. Click that ‘RESULT’ button to view the feedback page.

    If you need help logging in to your Parent account, please send a support ticket via the contact us page.

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