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  1. I paid for the 20 credits mock paper and tried to get the print out and half the page is coming blank . Could someone please explain this? This happened to me before as well.

  2. Chukra has been helping me a lot. My exam is in two days and Chukra has made me believe in myself. (BEST WEB EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).However I still feel nervous , scared and worried .ITS THE END OF THE WORLD!

    1. It’s natural to be nervous. Just remember everybody else is nervous too! You’ve already put in some practice. All you need to do now is try your best in the exam. Even if the exam seems difficult, don’t panic. It’s likely that other students are also finding it difficult. Give it one last burst of energy. Keep your focus for the *whole test*. It will all be over soon πŸ™‚

      Good luck!

      1. hi chuckra i just started and i find your website interesting and where do you get the credits from because i want to pay it and do you have to pay with like real moneY or just the website credits$$$$$$$$

    2. Don’t worry, I am doing my Sutton Girls exam tomorrow as well. The worst thing you could do is panic. Think positive and good luck for your exam!

      Jes xox
      P.S Wish me luck

    1. They were released a few hours after the test was completed. To view the results…

      Make sure you log in to the parent account (NOT the student account) and then go to MY 11PLUS > MY MOCKS and click on the RESULTS button. On some smaller screens the RESULTS button might not have space to fit on screen. In that case, press the little ‘+’ button to expand the row and get to the RESULTS button.

    1. It gives you an idea of how many question topics you have tried so far. Say, for example, there were 100 maths topics and you had done only 40 of those topics then your exposure would be 40% for maths. Hope that makes sense. The idea is that you should keep doing tests and using ‘question shuffle’ until your exposure is 100% on all topics.

  3. In my opinion, Chuckra is such an amazing educational website in which me and my mum can practice, learn and revise. I also know that one of my cousins, Michelle, (who is a little older than me) used this website and actually passed the 11+! What is amazing is that Michelle wasn’t expected to pass but she was recommended this website and she did pass! This is great for the family too!

    1. Log in to the student account and press the ‘Retry Question’ link in the dashboard on the MY 11PLUS page. Perhaps you are logging in to the parent account?

      1. You wrote ‘I have tried resume but it will allow me back in to do the test!?’

        This is what is supposed to happen. There is an option to save and resume a test later.

        Are you trying to say that it will NOT let you back in to take the test? I’m not sure what you mean.

  4. My daughter completed a mock on 28 July. She was reattempting some of her mistakes, however, after completing 8, there was an error message ” There is no more of this material”. This persisted, despite there being more questions to attempt as well as logging out and back in again.
    Please could yu advise why this occurs and how to access her mistakes?
    Thank you

    1. I’ve just logged in to her account and everything worked ok. I’m guessing that your daughter pressed the ‘same topic again button’ instead of the ‘retry’ or ‘new question’ button. She had probably completed all the questions for a specific topic.

    1. You have been given 100 credits per mock exam booked. The credits may be used by you (Parent/Tutor) to assign tests in COAsT (online testing system) to your Student(s)…
      Log in as Parent and select My 11Plus
      Select your student in My Students
      Select Tests(s) in Test List
      Click Assign Selected Tests
      The student must log in, and select My 11Plus, to attempt the tests
      Credits will be automatically deducted from your credit pool
      Need more help with assigning tests? Go to

    1. First the parent has to log in to the parent account and assign a test to the student. Then the student logs in to their account to take the test. Just looked at your account and it seems you’ve figured it out already. Happy practising πŸ™‚

    1. On there are Parent accounts and Student accounts. Make sure you are logged in to the Student account to take tests or do practice questions. I just logged in to your Student account and there were tests there waiting for you to complete.

        1. Which test are you referring to? You do have one test that was started but not finished (Maths Initial Assessment Year 5). Is that what you are talking about? If so, you can finish it by pressing the resume button.

          Please provide more details so we can figure out if there is a problem or not.

    1. I find the set up very complex and took me 45 mins alone to try to figure the student has to have the test paper in their account. The system is very slow on the I pad is it better on a lap top? Also so many user names passwords asked hope it remembers them!

      1. It shouldn’t be slow on an iPad. Which part is slow? The loading of COAsT? Moving between questions?

        In terms of not knowing the student had to log in to take a test, it did explain this when you added the student

      1. i totally agree.chuckra is really helpful and when my brother helped me with some of the questions , it gave me a lot more confidence for the biggest exam ever on 14/09/18

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