For Tutors or Teachers helps you to give your students the best possible chance of gaining a place at their school of choice.

Highly recommended – Chuckra was recommended to me by a tutor. Both my children used the site and attended mocks. It was a great help in preparing them for the exams, they both got in to the grammar school of choice. I will highly recommend it to other parents.

Quick Steps for Tutors/Teachers to get started on

Register for FREE

When you register as a Tutor, you can add an unlimited number of Student accounts for free and all students get automatic access to:

  • Do 10 free online practice questions daily
  • Retry all questions they get wrong

You can also…

  • Assign for free – core skills and initial assessment tests.
  • Download for free – a vast collection of worksheets and sample papers.

So Flexible!

In My 11PLUS, you can:

  • Add as many students as you like 
  • Assign different tests for each student 
  • Keep track of which tests your students have completed
  • See results for each test attempted
  • Let students use Question Shuffle to select specific topics or mixed topic practice questions 

Buy Credits

Credits are required to assign premium tests for your Students to complete online or print tests marked as printable.

Over 60 premium tests available.

You can assign a set number of tests (split between your students as you see fit) depending on the credit pack you choose. Credits cost less when you purchase in larger quantities.

Credits are valid for 365 days from date of purchase.

Most tests are 25 credits, so…

  • £50 credit pack (600 credits) will allow you to assign 24 tests in total 
    = only £2.08 per test

  • £250 credit pack (6000 credits) will allow you to assign 240 tests in total 
    = only £1.04 per test

  • £500 credit pack (15000 credits) will allow you to assign 600 tests in total 
    = only 83p per test

For example, a £250 credit pack is enough to assign 10 students 24 tests each or 20 students 12 tests each.

Tests can be assigned again to the same student for free.

Get more for FREE

When you buy any credit pack to assign premium tests, all of your students will be given free unlimited access for 365 days from the date of purchase to:

  • Question Shuffle (around 5000 top quality online practice questions) 
  • Online Brain Games designed specifically to boost core skills for 11 Plus

Extra Features

  • Assign/Unassign Online Tests
  • Print Tests
  • Review Questions & Explanations
  • Powerful Reporting Tools – including Rank & Analysis and Topic Performance Breakdown

Using will help you to guide your students to success!

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6 comments on “For Tutors or Teachers

    1. Hi Carol,

      We’d like to get you up and running.

      “The student seems to be able to access one question then we have to enable the next question”

      What do you mean by ‘enable’?

      “Often the test does not appear in their application”

      This seems strange. I did notice that you had added 3 students. Are you sure you assigned the tests to the correct student?

      All the tests you have assigned do appear in the student accounts when I try.

      Perhaps if you could give us more specific details we could help you out better.

      You can either reply here or via our contact form. The contact form might be better because it’s private. Then we can talk about specific students if need be.

    1. Log in to the parent account. Then go to MY 11PLUS > MY STUDENTS. Click EDIT for the student you wish to edit. Scroll down and you will see a field called ‘viewers’. Add the email address that your tutor used when they signed up to (tell them to sign up if they haven’t already). Next time they log in using that email address they will have viewer access to your student.

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