For Tutors or Teachers

As a Tutor, how can I benefit from using is an online community designed to help you prepare your Students so that they have the best possible chance of gaining a place at their school of choice.

Use our online testing system – COAsT

With our online testing system – COAsT – you can:

  • Add as many Students as you like to the system 
  • Assign tests for your Students to complete either online or on paper
  • Keep track of which tests your Students have completed
  • See results for each test attempted
  • See how well your Students compares to other Students across the country (ranking)
  • See detailed breakdown of which question types your Students find difficult or easy
  • Detailed analysis can be displayed for one Student or multiple Students at a time
  • lots more

Search our Resource Directory

There are lots of great resources available these days to help you with entrance test preparation. Our resource directory lists them along with ratings and reviews to help you sort the good from the bad. See what other people are recommending and feel free to add your own opinions and recommendations.

Read our Knowledgebase

We have collated lots of useful info and added it to our Knowledgebase. Here you will find things like…

  • Instructional Videos
  • Tips & techniques
  • Information on question types
  • lots more

Communicate with other Parents and Tutors

If you have a question about anything related to entrance tests then simply post your question on our discussions page. It’s very likely that another Tutor or Parent can answer your question or at least guide you to where to find the answer.

Selected articles will also be open to comment. Please get involved and leave comments on articles that interest you. Children are not allowed to comment on articles. Offensive or unnecessary comments will be removed by our moderators.

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6 comments on “For Tutors or Teachers

    1. Hi Carol,

      We’d like to get you up and running.

      “The student seems to be able to access one question then we have to enable the next question”

      What do you mean by ‘enable’?

      “Often the test does not appear in their application”

      This seems strange. I did notice that you had added 3 students. Are you sure you assigned the tests to the correct student?

      All the tests you have assigned do appear in the student accounts when I try.

      Perhaps if you could give us more specific details we could help you out better.

      You can either reply here or via our contact form. The contact form might be better because it’s private. Then we can talk about specific students if need be.

    1. Log in to the parent account. Then go to MY 11PLUS > MY STUDENTS. Click EDIT for the student you wish to edit. Scroll down and you will see a field called ‘viewers’. Add the email address that your tutor used when they signed up to (tell them to sign up if they haven’t already). Next time they log in using that email address they will have viewer access to your student.

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