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11plus.co.uk (a Chuckra project) is the UK’s favourite online 11+ community as it hosts the ultimate 11+ Assessment Tool, My 11PLUS – an online testing environment which helps you to:

  • Understand how your child compares to other students taking the same tests

  • Tailor your child’s preparation: track progress and easily establish strengths & weaknesses

  • Motivate your child: fun, interactive practice tests, activities to boost core skills

PLUS all students can do Virtual Mocks online or attend physical Mock Exam Days around the country and receive feedback online in My 11PLUS (Chuckra Online Assement Tool).

And that is all in addition to our much loved free preparation resources. You can find out more about how 11plus.co.uk can help you and your child to prepare for the 11 plus exam by reading the frequently asked questions in our Website Support, or if you are raring to dive right in…

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Chuckra - a small company with a big heart.Background

The company behind 11plus.co.uk is Chuckra Ltd – a small company with a big heart.

Chuckra has a range of websites providing educational and cognitive enhancement resources which are available for free (where possible) or at genuinely low prices.

Company Ethos: Striving to make the 11 plus a fair test by providing high quality practice resources for everyone – free (where possible) or at genuinely low prices.


Our team of experienced tutors and IT professionals works together to provide you with high quality educational tools. We listen to input from parents, tutors and children to develop innovative, fun and challenging materials.

The most important person for you to know is:

Malcolm – Office Manager & Customer Support

Then comes the growing team of [Contributors] who will be there to support you on your 11+ journey.

The ones who started it all:

Simon BSc (hons) Physics

Marcella BSc (hons) Maths

Also just a big thank you to all the great people who have helped along the way and to our [Sponsors].

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