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Overcome exam nerves before the big day. CEM (Durham), GL Assessment, CSSE and other examining bodies.

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handy11plus.co.uk is the UK’s online community designed to make it easier for Parents, Tutors and Students to prepare for entrance tests such as:

The 11+ Exam

Independent School Entrance Tests

Common Entrance Exams.

11plus.co.uk has helped literally thousands of children pass their entrance exams (CEM Durham, GL Assessment, Moray House, CSSE and more). With our famous 11 plus resources and Chuckra Online Assessment Tool, you are well placed in your quest for that elusive grammar school or independent school place.

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What are the keys to success when taking entrance tests?

Be prepared

Students must be able to cope with whatever question types are presented to them, even if the format is new or slightly different than expected. So do well-rounded preparation.

Work quickly

There are lots of questions to answer in a relatively short time. Students must work quickly while at the same time maintaining accuracy.

Stay calm

In the actual exam, surprises can happen, but panicking during the test wastes valuable time. Students who expect the unexpected, and remain focused, tend to perform better. 

Using 11plus.co.uk will help you to succeed in all of these areas!

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