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Whether you are preparing for selective tests by CEM Durham, GL Assessment, CSSE or other entrance exams, Chuckra 11 Plus is the perfect place to practise and sharpen 11 plus skills.

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Chuckra 11 Plus has helped thousands of Students to pass their 11 Plus exam with:

  • Over 5000 untimed practice questions across all subjects in Question Shuffle.
  • Online/Printable Premium Tests (past mock exam papers, single/mixed subject tests).
  • Brain Games specially developed to boost core skills required for selective tests.

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  • Assign tests to Students to be completed online (some tests can be printed to do on paper).
  • Track a Student’s 11+ preparation progress.
  • View detailed performance analysis including a detailed Breakdown by Topic and a Student’s Rank compared to all other students.

This powerful online testing system makes preparation for entrance tests more efficient, more affordable and easier to manage – and hence more effective.

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“Chuckra 11 Plus Online is simply the best tool when preparing for entrance tests.” Bucks Parent 2013

“I use Chuckra 11 Plus Online Testing System with my students because of the high quality questions and insightful feedback.” Kent Tutor 2014

“I LOVE THIS! It is awesome! The work! The games! The fun! It’s really encouraging me to learn! And I absolutely LOVE these teaching videos! They have helped me sooooo much! It’s given me a great boost towards my best learning! IT’S AWESOME!” Student 2017