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Seeing that most of the eleven plus exams and selective tests for Grammar Schools or Independent Schools in the UK, as well as Chuckra’s 11+ Mock Exam Days, are still conducted using paper based tests, it is good to include some preparation on paper. 

Print Tests from our Online Testing System

Many of the tests which are available for Students to complete online in COAsT are also available to print. This does mean you do not benefit from automatic marking, peer comparison and all the other reasons online practice is so desirable, but the option is available. Just simply choose to print, instead of assign to do online, from the Test List in COAsT.

Printing is only available if you have purchased Credits for use in COAsT.

Download/Print Practice Papers and Worksheets

In addition to being able to print top quality eleven plus practice tests from our online assessment tool COAsT, you can download and print practice papers and worksheets from our shop, many of which are free. 

The downloads include: 11+ Practice Papers, Independent School and Common Entrance Sample Papers and Key Stage 2 SATs Past Papers.

Download papers in English and Verbal Reasoning

Download papers in Maths and Numerical Reasoning

Download papers in Non-verbal Reasoning

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    1. To print the core skills booster worksheets, you need to be logged in to your Parent account.
      Go to My 11Plus > Dashboard > My Orders > My Downloads (or click this link to My Downloads)
      You should also have received a link to download the worksheets in your order confirmation email.

      To view your credit balance, go to My 11 Plus > Dashboard > My Credits
      To get help with assigning online tests with your free credits, go to

    1. Hi Asit, due to copyright reasons we do not make all papers printable. Doing them online is probably more useful though because then you get a detailed breakdown of each question along with a description.

  1. first attempt to print out practice papers C1 ,C2,A1,A2 did not go through,we are trying to print again but the system is not letting us do it.very confusing
    also C2 has been bought twice,got clicked very fast,but cannot unassign it?please help?

    1. I just refunded the duplicate credits. I was able to print tests from your account with no problems. Just try and print again – it only takes credits the first time you print a paper. Try not to click multiple times when you press the assign button. We will look into preventing the quick clicking thing shortly.

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