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Seeing that most of the eleven plus exams and selective tests for Grammar Schools or Independent Schools in the UK, as well as Chuckra’s 11+ Mock Exam Days, are still conducted using paper based tests, it is good to include some preparation on paper.

Print Tests from our Online Testing System

Many of the tests which are available for Students to complete online in COAsT are also available to print. This does mean you do not benefit from automatic marking, peer comparison and all the other reasons online practice is so desirable, but the option is available. Just simply choose to print, instead of assign to do online, from the Test List in COAsT.

Printing is only available if you have purchased Credits for use in COAsT.

Download/Print Practice Papers and Worksheets

In addition to being able to print top quality eleven plus practice tests from our online assessment tool COAsT, you can download and print practice papers and worksheets from our shop, many of which are free.

The downloads include: 11+ Practice Papers, Independent School and Common Entrance Sample Papers and Key Stage 2 SATs Past Papers.

Download papers in English and Verbal Reasoning

Download papers in Maths and Numerical Reasoning

Download papers in Non-verbal Reasoning

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    1. Log in to your parent account and go to My 11plus > My Mocks > View mock bookings and results. On that page there is a link to review the test. You will see every question along with an explanation and stats on how difficult each question was.

  1. ” from our online assessment tool COAsT, you can download and print practice papers and worksheets from our shop, many of which are free”

    How to download online practice questions by topic?

    1. Log in to your Parent/Tutor account to assign tests in COAsT (online testing system) to your Student(s) as follows…

      Log in as Parent and select My 11Plus
      Select your student in My Students
      Select Tests(s) in Test List
      Click Assign Selected Tests
      The student must log in, and select My 11Plus, to attempt the tests
      Credits will be automatically deducted from your credit pool

      Need more help with assigning tests? Go to

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