Why use 11plus.co.uk

Below is a collection of Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) to do with using 11plus.co.uk.

There is also an 11 Plus Exam FAQ which covers more about the Eleven Plus Exam and how to prepare for it.

What is 11plus.co.uk?

11plus.co.uk is the UK’s favourite online 11+ community. Our preparation resources and Mock Exam Days are great preparation for 11 plus tests set by CEM, GL Assessment, CSSE and other examining boards.

This website is a Chuckra Project – find out more on the about us page.

Who uses 11plus.co.uk?

Parents, tutors and teachers who are helping students, aged 8-13, to prepare for their upcoming selective tests, eleven plus or independent school entrance exams. 

How can I benefit from using 11plus.co.uk?

11plus.co.uk has helped Parents/Tutors successfully navigate the 11+ preparation process and supported thousands of students across the UK to pass their selective exams.

Find out how much you can benefit:

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What is free and what has a cost on 11plus.co.uk?

11plus.co.uk is constantly evolving and improving as we strive to level the playing field for all students – by making quality preparation for 11 plus exams available to all, for free or at very affordable prices. Find out more about our Pricing.

11+ Premium Access
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Get over 5000 thousand practice questions plus tests, games and worksheets with 11 Plus Premium.

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What type of 11+ parent are you?

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