What to PREPARE for a virtual mock

If you have a booking to do Virtual Mocks online at your home, here is info on how to get started.

Each virtual mock will be open for 3 days (Saturday/Sunday/Monday) in the Student account from 7am to 7pm (GMT), so you can start the virtual mock any time that suits you within that period.

Students must be logged in to their own account and go to My 11Plus BETA to do virtual mocks. 

Session Structure

TIME Set aside 2 hours and 30 minutes for the virtual mock session
10 mins Pre-exam Info and Technology Checks
60 mins Test: 11+ English Comprehension & Verbal Reasoning (VR)
10-20 mins Break and toilet visit before starting the next test
45 mins Test: 11+ Numerical (Maths)
15 mins Test: Non-verbal & Spatial Reasoning (NVR)

You will need

  1. A quiet, undisturbed room for 2 hours and 30 minutes for the virtual mock session
  2. Tablet / Laptop / Desktop Computer
  3. Speakers / Headphones to listen to instructions and exam hall ambience (background sounds)
  4. A few sheets of blank paper, pencils and a good eraser for rough workings
  5. Username and password to log in to the appropriate Student account

A reminder notice will show in the Student account (in ‘My 11Plus’) a few days before the virtual mock, but the button to start the tests will only become available from the start time on the date of your virtual mock booking.

Monitoring the virtual mock exam

  • To avoid any possible distractions, your student’s mobile phone should be switched off for the duration of the exam.
  • Ensure that 11plus.co.uk is the only website open on the computer for the whole duration of the virtual mock i.e. online dictionaries, calculators, social media or mail websites should NOT be open in other tabs.
  • A parent should sit nearby to keep an eye on the student, but once the exam is in progress, nothing will be required from you as all timing and instructions are controlled by 11plus.co.uk.

Get used to My 11Plus in advance

SCreenshot of My 11plus BETA
NEW – try My 11Plus BETA now!

When you book a virtual mock exam, you will be given credits so that you can assign previous years’ mock tests for your Student to complete online. Simply log in to your Parent/Tutor account and go to ‘My 11Plus’ or try My 11Plus BETA to assign tests. Students will need to log in to their account to complete questions or tests.

Virtual Mocks will be done in My 11Plus BETA (our new online testing system).

We advise doing this days/weeks before the virtual mock so that if you experience any problems, you can contact us for assistance.

Virtual Mock FAQ (frequently asked questions)

If you have a virtual mock booking and need help getting started…

Virtual Mocks will be available for you to start any time on the weekend of your booking i.e. Saturday/Sunday/Monday.

1) Log in to the Student account
2) Go to My 11Plus BETA (our new online testing system)
3) Click the green DO MOCK button (shown in image below)

  • If you have not booked, you will first need to make a booking Virtual Mocks.
  • You must be logged in to the Student account for which the booking was made. 
  • Check that you did not possibly add two student accounts and that you are definitely logging in to the correct student. You can do this by looking at your mock bookings in My Mocks to see the student number/name booked to do the virtual mock.

The online testing system might not have fully loaded correctly.

  • Do a ‘hard refresh’ (ctrl+F5 on windows OR ⌘ Cmd and ⇧ Shift and R on mac) to force your browser to download the latest version of our online system.
  • Try a different internet browser (e.g. Chrome).
If you get an error message saying: ‘Invalid login credentials’, that means the username / password you entered is not correct.
If you can’t remember the username/password to the Student account, log in to your Parent account where you can view/edit your Student to change their password. If you are set up with only ‘viewer’ access, you will need to either contact the Parent/Tutor who originally added the Student account or contact us to change their password.
If there is no error message, try delete cookies from your browser or try to use a different internet browser (e.g. Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari).
It is common for students to get distracted by the ambient sounds (coughing, chairs moving, blowing noses etc.) in an exam hall when they sit the 11plus and this usually increases anxiety. At an in-centre mock, students would have the opportunity to get used to the sounds and practise not getting distracted during their exam. So to ensure students get the best preparation possible for the 11plus exam, we have included ambient sounds during the virtual mock to expose students to those possible distractions. Learning to ignore any distractions and give full focus to answering the questions is an invaluable exam skill.
The test is saved every 1 minute. Refresh the page and click ‘Do Mock’ again. The intro audio will play again and you can click the buttons to move past that and the test should resume/complete after that.
Detailed feedback (including peer comparison rank and the ability to review the tests) will be available after all students have completed the virtual mock this weekend, but if you look at the Tests tab (when logged as a Student on My 11Plus BETA), you’ll find your percentage score for today’s mock tests available immediately. Any questions students get wrong in the virtual mocks will be added to their bank of untimed Retry Qs so they can try them again.
When the results are released, you will be able to view them in your Parent / Tutor account by going to: Mock Exam Results