Virtual Mock Setup

Audio instructions will be played during the virtual mock.

IMPORTANT: Before you start the tests you MUST ensure that you are able to hear sounds from your computer. 

Click on the play button below to make sure you can hear audio messages. 

Welcome, this is a Chuckra 11 Plus Virtual Mock Exam.

Before we get started…

  • Make sure you have some blank paper, a few sharp pencils and an eraser next to you.
  • If anyone has a mobile phone, please make sure that it is switched off now. 
  • If you need to go to the toilet, please do so now as you will not be able to go again until the break.

If you cannot hear the audio instructions, please switch on your computer’s speakers or plug in your headphones and check that the sound is not muted.

DO NOT proceed unless you can hear the audio clearly.

Need help? See Website Support, search the 11 Plus Forum or contact us.

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  1. I had booked a mock test on 26th July. It seems it is converted to virtual mock? or is it cancelled? Pls provide more info about this.

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