London (Redbridge) Test Centre

Chuckra 11 Plus Mock Test Days help to…

  • Overcome nerves
  • Build confidence
  • Perfect exam technique
  • Highlight aspects of exam conditions that may cause your child to feel uneasy if experienced for the first time

Open to anyone around the country who is starting year 6 in Sept 2022 (or 2023) and who would like to sit 11+ mock test papers in exam conditions.

Perfect for CEM, GL Assessment and other examining bodies!

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Mock Test Dates in REDBRIDGE

Upcoming Mocks
Mock: Redbridge 22 May 2022 morning (tests A)
Mock: Redbridge 22 May 2022 afternoon (tests A)
Mock: Redbridge 19 June 2022 morning (tests B)
Mock: Redbridge 19 June 2022 afternoon (tests B)
Mock: Redbridge 24 July 2022 morning (tests C)
Mock: Redbridge 24 July 2022 afternoon (tests C)
Mock: Redbridge 27 Aug 2022 morning (tests D)
Mock: Redbridge 27 Aug 2022 afternoon (tests D)

Session Structure

TIMEMorning Session 09:40 – 12:30
09:40Session Opens – Student Registration
10:00Test: 11+ English Comprehension & Verbal Reasoning (VR)
11:00Break for 20 minutes
11:20Test: 11+ Numerical (Maths) & Non-verbal Reasoning (NVR)
12:30End of session

Students should only attend one session per day – morning OR afternoon (if available)

TIMEAfternoon Session 13:40 – 16:30
13:40Session Opens – Student Registration
14:00Test: 11+ English Comprehension & Verbal Reasoning (VR) 
15:00Break for 20 minutes
15:20Test: 11+ Numerical (Maths) & Non-verbal Reasoning (NVR)
16:30End of session

*** The 2022 Mock Tests A/B/C/D are also available as Virtual Mocks ***

Test Centre


Forest School (Gilderdale Hall), College Place, Snaresbrook, London, E17 3PY 

Parking info

FOREST SCHOOL: No parking is available in the grounds of the Forest School. The one-way street outside the school has recently been changed to double yellow lines so there is NO parking on that street, but you can drop your child with an adult at the entrance marked by a star and drive off. Alternatively, across the green, there is a residential area with plenty of parking marked in yellow which is about a 5-10 minute walk to the main school gate. 

red arrows = new one-way roads
yellow lines = residential area with parking

Chuckra Mock Exams at Forest School

Hosted by

 Shehnaz Razak – 11 Plus Centre (Redbridge)


The majority of students attending this test centre are from: 

London Redbridge area and nearby towns in Essex

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