VR Type 23 - Verbal logic (short comprehension)


Read the passage and answer the questions which follow.


To answer questions on a short comprehension passage, you will need to use the same skills as you would use for a long comprehension. You may also be asked to answer if something is true or false from reading the short passage.


Example Question 1:

The Iris flower had a particular fascination for the Ancient Greeks. In Homer’s famous book, The Iliad, Iris was the messenger for the gods and was Hera’s servant. Iris provided the main way of communication between the gods in the heavens and man on earth. She would come down to earth as a colourful rainbow and this is how Iris flowers have always been associated with colour. Another link to the Ancient Greeks is quite different, giving Iris the responsibility of leading the souls of dead women to the Elysian Fields (the afterlife) and this is why Greeks traditionally planted Iris flowers on the graves of women.

How do we know that Iris flowers can be found in many different colours?

Answer: In Ancient Greek mythology Iris appeared as a colourful rainbow.

Explanation: The passage says ‘Iris flowers have always been associated with colour’ because Iris appeared as a colourful rainbow.

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