VR Type 22 - jumbled sentences (word swap or rogue word)

VR Type 22 – Jumbled sentences (word swap or rogue word) is a question type that is commonly tested in 11 plus exams.

In these questions there are 2 words that need to change places for the sentence to make sense.

Variation 1

Question: dams often fly over the birds

Answer: dams & birds

Explanation: In this incorrect sentence the words ‘dams’ and ‘birds’ need to swap places so that the sentence reads: Birds often fly over the dams.

Variation 2

In these questions the words in a sentence have all been muddled up and you have rearrange the words to make a sentence and find the extra or rogue words that is not needed in that sentence.

e.g. am hard I for exam pencil my working

In the example above we can rearrange all the words to make the sentence ‘I am working hard for my exam.’ The answer to this question would be the word ‘pencil’ as this in not needed in the sentence.

For these questions you can ignore the absence of punctuation, although proper nouns will still have their capital letters.