[Previously VR Type 21] - word problems (numerical)

Verbal Reasoning Type 21 is a verbal reasoning question type commonly found in 11+ Entrance Tests in the United Kingdom.

SubjectVerbal Reasoning


There is no set structure to these questions and instructions are individual to each question.


Instructions are usually long and give lots of information. You might be able to work out the answer in your head but to make it easier, you could write all the given information down in a table of some description. Usually then it is quite easy to work out the answer.

Look at the worked example in the video below to see what a table could look like!

Video Tutorial

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Ronan leaves home at 15:40 and arrives at the swimming pool at 15:55. Scott only gets to the swimming pool at 16:06. Josh takes twice as long as Scott to get to the swimming pool, but arrives at the same time. Ronan and Josh leave home at the same time. What time does Scott leave home?

Ans : 15:53