[Previously VR Type 19] - related numbers

Verbal Reasoning Type 19 is a verbal reasoning question type commonly found in 11+ Entrance Tests in the United Kingdom.

SubjectVerbal Reasoning



In each of the following questions, the numbers in the third group must be related to each other in the same way as the numbers in each of the other two groups. Find the missing number.



To get the answer to the question, you need to look at the relationship of the numbers to one another. The number inside the square brackets in each sets has been made up from the numbers on either side of the brackets. Once you have found out how the numbers relate to each other in the first two sets, apply the same rule to the third set.

The video gives many clues on how to answer this difficult question type.


Video Tutorial

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VR Type 19 Generator Practice Game



( 3 [ 12 ] 4 ) ( 7 [ 35 ] 5 )

( 9 [ ____ ] 2 )

Ans : 18