VR Type 14 - word groups

Verbal Reasoning Type question 14 is a verbal reasoning question type commonly found in 11+ Entrance Tests in the United Kingdom.

SubjectVerbal Reasoning


For each of the following questions, find the two words that are different from the other three.


To be able to answer these kind of questions, you need to look for a reason that groups three words together and leaves two odd words (which are the ones that you need to mark on your answer sheet). Think of different characteristics that might group three words together, like colour, what they do, etc.

Good tips are given in the video below, so it’s worth watching!

Video Tutorial

Variation 1


octopus lion shark elephant eel

Ans : lion elephant

Variation 2

To answer these questions you will need to find the most suitable group of words that a given word belongs to.

e.g. To which group of words (A to E) does the given word belong?


A. fall, plummet, dive

B. ebb, retreat, withdraw

C. shock, wonder, revelation

D. rubbish, garbage, drivel

E. unfair, unjust, devious

The answer is option B because recede means to go back/get further away/become less – as in the words ebb, retreat and withdraw.

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