VR Type 13 - synonyms (similar meaning)

Verbal Reasoning Type 13 is a verbal reasoning question type commonly found in 11+ Entrance Tests in the United Kingdom.

SubjectVerbal Reasoning


For each of the following questions, find two words, one from each group that are most similar in meaning.


In order to get the answer, compare the words from group one to the words from group two. Similar to Question Type 12, start with the first word from group one and compare it to the first word from group two. If these words are not similar, continue with the first word of group one and the second word from group two, and so on. Watch the video below to see the method clearly explaind.

Video Tutorial

There a number of question styles for this type of question:

Variation 1


(bucket, beaker, bouquet) (cup, breaker, beak)

Ans : beaker cup

Variation 2

Find the most similar word (a synonym) to a word given in capitals.


A. position

B. hide

C. reduce

D. return

E. spoil

The answer is (D) return because this word is a synonym of revert. Revert means to change something back to its original state/form.

Variation 3

Finding a synonym of a word that is capitalised in a sentence.

e.g. There was an UNCANNY glow seen at the top of the mountain.

A. enormous

B. peculiar

C. reddish

D. metallic

E. unstable

The answer is (B) peculiar because uncanny means not normal/strange and the word peculiar means the same.

Variation 4

Find the word (A to H) that is most similar to the word or short definition provided.

e.g. calm

A. injured

B. minute

C. ominous

D. queasy

E. placid

F. ferocious

G. lethargic

The answer is (E) placid because it is a synonym of calm – meaning peaceful/content.

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