VR Type 12 - Antonyms (opposite meaning)


For each of the following questions, find two words, one from each group that are most opposite in meaning.


To solve the question, compare the words from group one to the words from group two. First start with the first word from group one and compare it to the first word from group two. If they are not opposites, continue with the first word of group one and the second word from group two, and so on. Watch the video below to see the method clearly explained.

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Variation 1

In this type of question you need to find two words, one from each group that are most opposite in meaning.

Example Question 1:

(low pump sell) (king high bottom)

Answer: low high

Explanation: Low is the opposite in meaning to high.

Variation 2

In these questions you are asked to find the opposite (the antonym) of a given word, in capitals, from a list.

Example Question 2:


A. burn

B. help

C. praise

D. reduce

E. alert

Answer: C – praise

Explanation: If you praise somebody you compliment them and tell them how good something is – this is an antonym of scold. Scold means to tell off/speak harshly/rebuke.

Variation 3

For these questions you are given a word grid and asked to find the most opposites (antonym) of a given word or short definition.

Example Question 3:

Which two words are the most opposite to the meaning of the word attack?


Answer: retreat and praise

Explanation: The word ‘attack’ can have two meanings:

1. Take aggressive military action against (a place or enemy forces) with weapons or armed force. Retreat would be the opposite as it means to withdraw from enemy forces as a result of their superior power or after a defeat.

2. Criticize or oppose fiercely and publicly. Praise would be the opposite as it means to express warm approval or admiration of.

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