VR Type 11 - compound words

Verbal Reasoning Type 11 is a verbal reasoning question commonly found in 11+Entrance Tests in the United Kingdom.

SubjectVerbal Reasoning


In each of the following questions, find the two words, one from each group, that together make a new, real word. The word from the group on the left always comes first.


To get the answer to the question, a word from the first group and a word from the second need to be merged together to form a new real word (also referred to as compound words). Try different combinations by taking the first word of the first group and add it to the first word of the second group. If the word does not make sense, continue with the first word from group 1 and add it to the second word of the second group and so on. Remember to join the words ‘visually’. The new word often sounds very different from the two words used to make it.

Elimination is a useful tool: dismiss wrong answers until you find the real new word.

You can find more examples of compound words in our Vocabulary Booster course.

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(fresh habit mixed) (acted glass at)

Ans : habitat



( mash feat fix ) ( her other us )

Ans : feather

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