VR Type 09 - Move a letter


In each of the following questions, you are given two words. Choose one letter that can be moved from the word on the left to the word on the right, making two new words. You cannot rearrange any letters, but the letter that you move can fit anywhere in the second word.


In order to get the answer, you must remove a letter from the first word (leaving behind a real word) and insert it anywhere within the second word. Start by going through each letter of the first word and remove it to see if it leaves a real word. Be aware that you might find more than one letter that can be removed. Once you have found a suitable letter, try to place it anywhere within the second word. Remember to make sure that after you have moved a letter from the left to the right word, that both of these make new real words.

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Example Question 1:


Answer: B

Explanation: Move the B from BLOCK to RAIN to make LOCK and BRAIN.

Example Question 2:


Answer: M

Explanation: Move the M from TIMED to BOB to make TIED and BOMB.