VR Type 07 - cloze (missing words)

Verbal Reasoning Type 7 (Cloze) is a verbal reasoning question commonly found in 11+Entrance Tests in the United Kingdom.

SubjectVerbal Reasoning


In each of the following questions, one word, which is in capitals, has had three consecutive letters taken out. These three letters will make one correctly spelt word without changing the order. Find the appropriate 3 letter word.


To solve the question, try to find the answer by reading the whole sentence. The rest of the sentence might give you an indication of what the missing word should be. If you cannot find the answer, look at the options on the answer sheet and place each three letter word at different positions within the given word and see if it makes a real word. Again, it is easier to solve the question by eliminating all the incorrect answers first.

If you are doing a standard paper then keep trying to think of the answer. If you really can’t think of the answer then mark the question on the question paper so you can come back to it later. Don’t waste too much time on the one question.

Watch the videos for good explanations on these kind of questions!

Video Tutorial




Part of word missing

E.g. 1 – She said EWELL before she boarded the plane.

Answer Options: CAR, FAR, FUR, ACE, MEN

Correct Answer: FAR

E.g. 2– Many families like to go camping to experience the fresh air of the country and escape the p_______ of the city.

Answer Options: power, psychological, pantry, phase, pollution

Correct Answer: pollution

Whole word missing

It is not uncommon for birds to __________ in search of warmer weather.

Answer Options: mutate, seek, migrate, surrender, hibernate

Correct Answer: migrate

Removing Letters

From the options provided, choose which word can have three consecutive letters removed to leave a new real word that will best complete the sentence.

Example Question:

It is almost the _________ of the day.


Answer: friend – the three letters ‘fri’ can be removed to leave ‘end’ which completes the sentence.