VR Type 03 - number codes

Verbal Reasoning Type 03 is a verbal reasoning question type commonly found in 11+ Entrance Tests in the United Kingdom.

Also CalledCode breakers, Crack the code
SubjectVerbal Reasoning


You have been given four words and three codes. The codes are not necessarily written in the same order as the words and one code is missing. Once you have figured out which code belongs to which word, answer the questions below.


The question can either…

Give you the code and you have to find the word or…

Give you the word and you have to find the code.

These questions are quite simple if you follow the method described in the video. Each letter in the words gets assigned a random number between 1 and 9. This number is completely random and has nothing to do with the position of the letter in the alphabet. Start by looking for similarities in number codes. Then see whether the positions of those numbers in the words above help you to match the codes to the words. Double numbers are nice because you can immediately spot double letters in the words. Unfortunately these questions do not come up often. Watch the video for an example of this technique in action.

Video Tutorial


Once you have cracked the code, the questions which follow are easy to answer. There are two variations.

Find the Word

You will be given a code which you must decode to find the word.


5316 1237 9458

What is the word for the code 74318 [ _____________ ]


Find the Code

You will be given a word which you must translate into the code.

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