NVR Type 13 - Shape join


The shapes to the left of the arrow must be joined together. Some sides have been labelled with letters or numbers. Labelled sides must be joined to sides with the same letter or number. Choose which option can be made by joining the shapes this way.


First eliminate all the incorrect options. Start with one letter or number connection and eliminate all the ones that are not connected correctly. Once you have the options with correct connections, then try with the next letter or number connections. Note that some of the shapes will be rotated in order for the letter or number connections to be made.

Video Tutorial

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Example Question 1:

Answer: c

Explanation: The rectangle has a letter on the short side, so options ‘a’ and ‘e’ can be eliminated since they show
the rectangle joining on its long side. The rectangle must join the pentagon on the side marked ‘a’, so eliminate
option ‘b’. The triangle must join the pentagon on its long side, not the short bottom side as in option ‘d’.

Example Question 2:





Answers: a

Explanation: The pentagon is rotated in order for its V to connect to the V on the long side of the rectangle. The same for the W on the parallelogram.