NVR Type 07 - similar shapes


The two figures on the left are alike in some way. Choose which one of the five figures to the right of these is most like the first two figures.


To answer the question, you have to look at the similarities between the two figures on the left. Work out how these are alike, for example the size of shapes within the figure, position of the shapes in each figure in relation to one another, rotation and direction of shapes, shading, etc. and then compare each of the possible answers to the pair of figures to see which one has a the same characteristics as the pair of figures given. To get the correct answer, it is helpful to eliminate all options you feel are definitely wrong to narrow down the choice of correct answers.

Example Question 1:

non-verbal-reasoning-q 7

Example Question 2:

non-verbal-reasoning-q 7 pic2


Question 1: c, Question 2: c


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