NVR Type 05 - Shape sequences


The five squares on the left contain shapes arranged in order to form a sequence. One of the squares is missing. Choose which one of the five squares on the right should take the place of the empty square.


To solve the question, have a look at the relationship between the squares on the left. Start from the left of the sequence and see what changes happen from one to the next square. Look out for shapes that are increasing/decreasing in size or number, their shift (movement) or colour change. To find the answer, look at the five possibilities given to the right and eliminate all the answers that are clearly wrong first.

Video Tutorial

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Example Question 1:

Answer: a

Explanation: The number of shapes is decreasing by one each step. The first to be removed is the middle circle. So the missing image should have only 3 shapes. The black square is rotating one position anticlockwise each step, so it should be in the top left for the missing image.

Example Question 2:

non-verbal-reasoning-q 5

Answer: b

Explanation: The shapes in the squares are being rotated 90° anticlockwise each time. Apply that to square one and thus the shapes need to be facing downwards. Also note that the grey shape will be on the right of the black shape. 

Example Question 3:

non-verbal-reasoning-q 5 pic2

Answer: a

Explanation: The diagonal lines flip horizontally and one of the black circles changes to white each time moving in an anticlockwise direction. In square two, the diagonal lines will be pointing to the right and there will be one white circle. As one black circle changes to white in an anticlockwise direction each time, you can use the third square to work out where the one white circle would be in the second square namely on the far left).