NVR Type 04 - shape codes


To answer these questions, you need to work out a code. You are given three or four boxes on the left followed by a separate box on the right of the dividing line. Each box on the left has a pair of letters in it which are a code for the shape or shapes in that box. You need to work out the code that applies to the shapes on the left and then choose which pair of letters should be given to the shape or shapes in the box on the right.


To solve this question, first see if there are two or more letters in the codes provided that are the same. Then look for similarities between the squares that have the same letters, for example the position of the shapes within the square, their colour/pattern, their direction, etc. Each code letter represents a particular aspect of the figure.

The answer is the pair of letters that represent the figure given in the block to the right of the dividing line. To find the answer, look at the five possibilities given to the right and see if the code you expect to find is given. Remember it can be helpful in many Non-Verbal questions to eliminate all the answers that you feel are definitely incorrect before you settle for one. However in this question type, you should be able to work out exactly what the answer code should be (in most cases) before you look at the answer options.

Example Question 1:

non-verbal-reasoning-q 4

Example Question 2:

non-verbal-reasoning-q 4 pic2


Question 1: d [B = circle outside the shape, C = diamond outside the shape, G = triangle at bottom, H = triangle in middle, I = triangle at top.]

Question 2: a [S = white shading, J = black shading, T = triangles pointing right, R = triangles pointing left, H = triangles pointing down]


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