NVR Type 03 - Shape rotation


Only one of the five figures to the right of the dotted line can be rotated to make the figure on the left. The others are mirror images. Choose which figure can be rotated to make the figure on the left


Concentrate on one feature of the shape that gives you a clear indication of whether the shape is a match to the figure on the left or is in fact a mirror image. Look for curved lines within the shape, for example the direction of the bend of an arrow. In order to find the correct answer, it is helpful to eliminate all the wrong answers first.

Video Tutorial

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Example Question 1:

Answer: d

Explanation: Look at the shape on the left: The lines makes a backwards capital N and the black dot is to the left in the bottom of the oval. Now imagine rotating all of the shapes. Only one will be a backwards N shape (the others are mirror images so they will look like a normal N) and have the black dot in the bottom left.

Example Question 2:

non-verbal-reasoning-q 3

Answer: c

Explanation: Look carefully at the shape on the left. The two curved lines at the bottom are pointing in the same direction (to the right). Now, imagine rotating the shapes into the position of the shape on the left and notice which one has the two curved lines pointing to the right too. 

Example Question 3:

non-verbal-reasoning-q 3 pic2

Answer: b

Explanation: Look at the shape on the left: The arrow head is point to the bottom left and it is on the left of the star. Imagine rotating each option until they are in the same position as the original shape.