NVR Type 02 - Odd shape out


Choose which one of the pictures is most unlike the other four.


Go from left to right and look for similarities between each figure, e.g. shapes, position of the shapes to one another, colour and shading or patterns, manipulations like increasing or decreasing in size or number, etc. Once you have found how the figures are alike, see if there is one aspect that is the same in only four of the figures, leaving one figure that is different from the rest.

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Example Question 1:

non-verbal-reasoning-q 2

Answer: c

Explanation: In four of the pictures, the shapes are touching or overlapping whereas in picture C, none of the shapes are touching.

Example Question 2:

non-verbal-reasoning-q 2 pic2

Answer: a

Explanation: Option A is the only shape with fewer small squares than circles.