NVR Type 01 - Shape analogies



Look at the two shapes separated by an arrow on the left. The first shape is related to the second one in some way. To the right of these shapes, there is a third shape followed by an arrow and five other shapes. One of these five shapes is related to the shape before the arrow in the same way as the two shapes on the left are related to each other. Choose which one.


To solve this question you look at the relationship between the shapes on the left. Work out how the first shape is related to the shape that follows the arrow. Look for changes in colour, shading, pattern, size, position, shape, etc. and apply the same change/s to the shape on the right of the colon (two dots) to find the answer. In order to find the correct answer, it is easiest to eliminate all the answers that you feel are definitely incorrect first.

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Example Question 1:

non-verbal-reasoning-q 1

Answer: d

Explanation: Reflected horizontally (flipped 180 degrees) and colours switch places i.e. white is now black and black is now white.

Example Question 2:

non-verbal-reasoning-q 1 pic2

Answer: b

Explanation: The two shapes are attached to each other and the colours switch places i.e. grey becomes white and white becomes grey.