Maths Topic 29 - Tables & data handling, organising and comparing information in diagrams, charts and graphs.

Tables & Data Handling: Organising and comparing information in diagrams, charts and graphs; including pie charts, Venn diagrams, Carroll diagrams and speed, time & distance data is commonly tested in 11+ and Selective School exams in the UK.


Example Question 1:

(a) What was the range of rainfall over the 8 months?

(b) What is the mean amount of rainfall for the months beginning with a ‘J’?

(c) What fraction of these 8 months have a rainfall over 55mm?


(a)  35mm

(b) 60mm

(c) ¼


(a) The range is the difference between the highest and lowest amounts of rainfall. 80mm – 45mm = 35mm

(b) The mean is the average which is found by adding all of the amounts together and then dividing it by the number in the set.       Jan 80 + Jun 55 + Jul 45 = 180, then 180 ÷ 3 = 60mm

(c) March (60mm) and January (80mm) have a rainfall over 55mm = 2/→ ¼

Example Question 2:

(a) How many children were asked about their favourite sport?

(b) What fraction of the children liked to play cricket?

(c) What fraction of the children only liked to play tennis?


(a) 18

(b) 1/2

(c) 1/6


(a) Count all of the pupils, including the two names outside of the Venn Diagram.

(b) Count all of the children within the cricket circle, including those who also like tennis and football = 9 children. 9/18 1/2

(c) Noah, Fred and Urav only like to play tennis. 3/18 → 1/6

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