Maths Topic 17 - Problem-solving, including mixed & several step problems

Problem Solving including mixed & several step problems are commonly tested in 11+ and Selective School exams in the UK.


Example Question 1:

Zaina wants to paint her room a brighter colour. She estimates that she will enough green paint to cover 60m² and that she will need to do 2 coats of the paint. Paint comes in 1 litre tins that cover approximately 12m². The cost of this paint is £12. How much will Zaina need to spend to paint her room?

Answer: £120

Explanation: First find out how much paint is needed = 60m² area of the walls  ÷ 12m² coverage of the paint = 5. Secondly, double that amount to provide 2 coats of paint = 10. Thirdly, multiply the number of tins required by the cost of one time (£12) = £120

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