English Topic 35 - Onomatopoeia

Onomatopoeia is a literacy feature where a word is formed from the sound associated with it.


buzz, whiz, pop, woof, thud, splat, pop, whizz, crackle, purr, cluck, snap, quack, tock, crack, hiss, buzz, thump, splash, drip, swoosh, dong, beep, twang, clang, zap, click, zoom, creak, ding, gurgle, honk, patter, pow, ring, sizzle, moo, chirp, coo, peep, splat, roar, howl.

Fireworks crackled, popped, whizzed and hissed as they shot into the air.

The twigs cracked and creaked under our feet as we walked through the forest.

My bathroom tap dripped and splashed water around the basin.