English Topic 33 - Positives, comparatives and superlatives

Positives, comparatives and superlatives are commonly tested in 11 plus exams.

Positives, comparatives and superlatives can be adjectives (describing the noun) or adverbs (describing the verb). They are a way of comparing one thing with another.

Adjectives e.g. That oak tree is big. That oak tree is bigger than mine. This is the biggest oak tree I have ever seen. (The adjectives big, bigger & biggest are describing the oak tree.)

Adverbs e.g. He worked hard during the day. She worked harder than her sister. They worked the hardest of any group in the class. (The adverbs hard, harder & hardest are describing the verb ‘work’.)


good, better, best / many, more, most / bad, worse, worst / little, less, least / ugly, uglier, ugliest / popular, more popular, the most popular / interesting, more interesting, most interesting / far, further, furthest / clean, cleaner, cleanest / boring, more boring, most boring / clever, cleverer, cleverest

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