English Topic 32 - Alphabetical order

Alphabetical order can be tested in some question types in 11 plus exams.


Question 1: Which of the following words is nearest to the start of the alphabet? light, limb, lift, ligament & lime

Answer: lift

Explanation: All these words start with the same 2 first letters so look at the 3rd letters and f in ‘lift’ comes before all the other 3rd letters.

Question 2: Which of these anagrams spells a word that is nearest to the start of the alphabet? nakn, ctak, vdne, entg & keap

Answer: entg = gent

Explanation: nakn = sank, ctak = tack, vdne = vend, entg = gent & keap = peak. The g in ‘gent’ is nearer the start of the alphabet.

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