English Topic 26 - Articles

Articles are commonly tested in 11 plus English exams.

Articles introduce the noun and are the words: a, an and the.


We sat under the enormous oak tree to have our picnic.

Would you like an apple to take to school?

Ravi took a jog around the houses to get some exercise.


Determiners are a type of article. They can tell you which one e.g. that, those, this and also who something belongs to e.g. my, his, hers. its, their, our and your. Other determiners can tell you how much there is of something e.g. some, six, several, most, all, plenty of, each, no.

Examples of determiners:

We has some money left over from shopping.

I don’t have any paper left to work on.

There are no polar bears in the Antarctic.

That is my best wedding hat. (‘my’ is being used as a determiner and adverb here)

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