English Topic 13 - Exclamatory, interrogative, command sentences

Exclamatory, interrogative, command sentences are commonly tested in 11 plus exams.

Exclamatory sentences make a statement which shows strong feeling or excitement and end with a !

Interrogative sentences are in the form of a question and end with a ?

Command sentences are used when instructions are given and they often start with an imperative (‘bossy’) verb.


That’s an amazing trick! (exclamatory sentence)

I hate that annoying sound! (exclamatory sentence)

How many playing cards are there in a pack? (interrogative sentence)

Would you like a walk along the beach? (interrogative sentence)

Keep off the grass. (command sentence = you keep off the grass)

Chop the onions and add to the mixture. (command sentence = you chop the onions and ….)

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