English Topic 05 - Recognise literary, grammar and language features in the passage.

‘Identifying literary, grammar and language features in a text’ is commonly tested in the 11+.


Simile – ‘as strong as an ox’, ‘as tough as nails’, ‘fits like a glove’, ‘as cold as ice’, ‘as brave as a lion’ ‘ as quiet as a mouse’

Metaphor – ‘time is a thief’, ‘she is the apple of my eye’, ‘the exam was a breeze’, ‘he’s the black sheep of the family’

Personification – ‘the wind cried all night’, ‘the flowers danced in the sun’, ‘the sun smiled at the mountain tops’, ‘the car coughed and stopped’

Imagery – ‘the night sky was lit up by the twinkling stars’, ‘the flowers’ tropical scents were sweet and spicy’, ‘a beautiful clear sound rang out’

Hyperbole – ‘I’ve told you a million times’, ‘I’m so hungry I could eat a horse’, ‘she’s as old as the hills’, ‘it’s raining cats and dogs’

Onomatopoeia – bang, crunch, pop, whizz, cuckoo, clang, beep, hiss, buzz, splash, baa, oink, moo, clatter, boom, crash, screeched

Oxymoron – ‘deafening silence’, ‘clearly confused’, ‘alone together’, ‘living dead’, ‘seriously funny’, ‘open secret’

Emotive language – ‘save lives that will otherwise be destroyed’, ‘he was a defenceless victim’, ‘ a heart-breaking sound was heard’, 

Alliteration – ‘the slippery snake slid silently’, ‘he borrowed big books’, ‘the dangerous, daring dogs snarled’

Irony – ‘another wet day for our walk, wonderful’, ‘dog hairs on the sofa are great’, ‘that’s marvellous that you crashed my car’

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