English Topic 03 - Show understanding of inference in the passage

Show understanding of inference in the comprehension passage is a question type that commonly appears in 11 plus exams.

Example Question 1:

Lucy opened the door and walked swiftly in. She didn’t want to take her warm coat and gloves off but the warmth of the blazing fire soon persuaded her as she eagerly approached its blazing embers. What an difficult journey she’d had and how pleased she was to be safely home. She looked out at the quickly changing landscape and admired its silvery beauty. It was nearly time for her to start preparing the evening meal but first she should ring her father to let him know that she was home.

Question: Why might Lucy have had a difficult journey?

Answer: The cold, snowy weather could make travelling difficult.

Explanation: The passage suggests that it is cold and snowing outside although it doesn’t tell actually you in words. We are told that Lucy didn’t want to take off her coat and gloves and was eager to move nearer the fire = she was cold. We can presume that it was snowing outside as the passage says ‘quickly changing landscape’, ‘silvery beauty’ = snow. We are not told that Lucy had any other problem with travelling.

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