Brainpower or Exam Skills

Brainpower is a topic we use on our site to describe things that are not specific question topics. This includes things like ‘working memory’, ‘pattern matching’ and ‘processing speed’. Examples of things that we would tag under brainpower would be…

11 Plus Playing Cards

11plus games

Solve the anagrams as fast as you can.

A chunk has been chomped out of a picture. You have to decide what that chomp looked like. Chompy chompy.

A game to test your spacial awareness. Find the ‘odd’ shape.

A simple sorting game. Sort numbers in ascending order from left to right. It’s all about speed.

3 cards are displayed. You have to think quickly and decide whether the 3 cards form a valid group.

A classic short term memory game with a twist. Gets harder and harder!

Think you have a good sense of spacial awareness? Try this one. It might hurt your brain though!

The type of test you may find as part of a job interview. The shapes are transformed from top to bottom. Choose the one possible answer.

A classic test used in Psychology. What colour is the word?

Rearrange the cards to form a valid sum.