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Best £50 I have ever spent

I bought the VR Super Bundle- it was the best £50 I have ever spent.


I would personally recommend Chuckra to anyone!

Wonderful site

A very very belated Thanks for your wonderful website, we would never have got through the whole 11+ process without this wonderful resource that you provide. My son S sat the Kent test back in september and a couple of months back we found out he passed, and extremely well, scoring 140(VR) 140(NV) and 139 (maths). We used Chuckra almost daily in preperation for the exam, the You Tube videos were an asolute godsend, and the mock test days in the summer holidays helped enormously with building up his confidence,exam technique and time management. Thank you to you and your wonderful team for all your hard work. I understand I can make a donation via the website (if not, then I would be grateful if you could send me bank details) and I will be sending a donation as a gesture of thanks but in the meantime we wish you and your team continued sucess with the website, a Happy Christmas and New Year, and we will see you again 2011 wehn we will start all over again with my daughter!

My son passed

My son passed last year after using the Chuckra Super Bundle for most of his preparation. He started at Challoners Boy's today!

Thanks for the great site

Thanks for a great website. My daughter succeeded in getting a place at Newstead Wood (so called super selective grammar) and got straight 140s in Dartford and in top 180 in Bexley. She really benefited from doing your on-line papers. Built confidence and timing and it was far easier to get her do work on line.

An invaluable resource

Over the last few months my son has been using the resources on your site in preparation for an 11+ exam. We both find the site, practice papers etc. to be an invaluable resource. The Chuckra material is excellent. I totally support and agree with your view that the current exam is not a fair test. Whatever the result of the exam I know that my sons confidence has grown immensely using the Chukra material. Could you please confirm an address that I may post a small donation to.

Highly recommended

I have several packs of the chuckra playing cards, which I use with pupils and adult learners. They are excellent and I have recommended them to the University of Plymouth for adult learners working towards their Level 1 and 2 National Qualifications.

So many questions!

I didn't realise just how many questions there were on the website. My son will be busy for a long time!

The cards are great

The cards are great. My kids really love them, when they can get hold of them. Usually they have to wait for their grandparents to finish their game first!


I hadn't heard of chuckra before but I'm impressed with your practice papers. I've recommended you to my friends

Great site

Great site. My DD passed with a maximum!

Thank you

Thank you to all the Chuckra team for such a helpful website.

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