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I have felt a lot more confident

Just wanted to say, I was worried about the 11plus but since I started on this website, I have felt alot more confident,and I'm doing well in work! Thanks a dozen!!! I'll be sure to recommend it to my friends and future yr5 and yr6!!!

Thanks a whole load

Just want to say thanks a whole load to chuckra, Just wanted to say.. My skills have really improved since I started barely a week ago on coast. I am pretty sure I am gonna make it through the 11 plus now ^U^.

Thank you Chuckra

Thank you Chukra, after all the practise I've done on this website, I'll be sure to pass my test in september, and the second mock test I'm doing, you guys have done great once again.

This website is excellent

this website is excellent it is helping my daughter very much

I believe I will pass

i beilive that god jesus and chucra has been so good to me well i have not taken my exam yet but i bielive i will pass amen

Really good website

Really good website and my daughter loves it I am sure she will pass her 11+ this September!

Chuckra has been very helpful

Chukra has been very helpful for me and my sister when doing the 11 and 12+. My sister did not use chukra for the 11+ but she did for the 12+ and she got 118 in the 11+ and 141 in the 12+! She has now settled in happily at her new grammer school The Royal latin along with my other sister. Hopefully I will be joining them when I start at my first secondary school! 🙂

Huge thank you

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to this website. My daughter gained a place at grammar school in March, and is really looking forward to starting in September. It was mostly down to this website. The verbal reasoning practice papers were great, she just loved doing the timed online tests, it made it so much more fun than doing written practice papers. Thanks again Chuckra... I have already spread the word to year 4 and 5 parents.

All my children have now passed!

All my children have now passed!

Great work

Thnks to Chuckra my son has passed all the grammar school exams he took.  We have taken up the No.1 grammar school. I took all your mock exams.  I liked the way you used to correct the papers and give back in 2 days.  Kudos !! Great work !!! Thanks once again.

Fabulous site

Fabulous thanks very much, he's now the only boy in his class who knows how to do that question, fabulous site, fabulous support. Thank you.

Having access to your website has really boosted my daughter's confidence

I didn't want to have my daughter tutored and having access to your website has really boosted her confidence.

Huge thank you

I just wanted to say a huge thankyou for posting the card bundle to me. I was shocked to find that it had been received today after only placing order yesterday. Many thanks, it is really appreciated.

Thank you for this great site.

Thank you for this great site. my daughter was successful and has got to the grammar school she wanted. We have made sure our friends know about this website.

fantastic and generous website

My daughter has recently passed her 11plus thanks almost entirely to your fantastic and generous website. I withdrew her from private tuition because Chukra quickly taught me that much of the work being set was irrelevant. You also helped me to see that a good deal of commercial material is also poorly focussed. I am currently spreading the word to years 4&5 parents and all of the feedback has been hugely favourable. It's good to know that the collective socialist spirit is alive and doing well in spite of every effort to kill it, and promote only material self interest. More power to your elbow.

My daughter did extremely well

I meant to say thank you to this site when the results were announced but didn't do so, in part due to not wanting to embarass myself. My daughter did extremely well and is now off to Westcliff, her first choice. Many thanks. We would not have done it without this site.

Really helpful

My daughter has just heard of her success for a highly competitive school. Chuckra was an invaluable resource for helping her prepare for the exam. One of the things I found the most useful was the peer group comparisons in the mock exams. This was really helpful for people like us who were preparing the 11+ at home in isolation as it gave us a benchmark score to aim for. I am more than happy for you to use my comments in your testimonial section as I think you are providing a great resource for parents and children! I will continue to recommend you to friends.

My daughter has passed to go to her choice of secondary school

Just to say thank you for providing the free practice test papers and general english revision information. My daughter has passed to go to her choice of secondary school and her preparation was greatly aided by the sample papers and preparation information provided by your site. It meant that as her mother I was able to work with her and help her prepare for the exam rather than leave it to an unknow tutor due to being unable to get suitable practice papers. Long may your site continue to offer this service. I've another child who will be sitting the exam in the future, you can guarantee I'll be back to help support her. Thank you!

Massive thank you

I am a single mother and I just found out this morning that my son has got into the school we wanted. My daughter gained a place there a year ago, so now both my children will be going there. They both went to a state primary school, neither of them had any tutoring, we just used the online resources on this site, so I want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU!

I passed all my exams

Thank you so much for introducing chuckra! Thanks to chuckra, I passed all my grammar school exams. In one I even got 100%. I am now in one of the number one schools. I also got a great score in my sats. If it was not for chuckra, none of this would have happened. Thanks once again!

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