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Thank You

I used the Chukra mocks to gauge how my daughter benchmarked against her cohort. The first test was a real eye opener and without that, my daughter would not have passed or be accepted in a Grammar School this year. Thanks to the mocks, she knew the drill, she got practice and passed the exam. I really wish more hapless parents like I was, would know about Chukra

Helpful advice

I used this site for all of my three children. I found it very helpful in terms of practice and support.

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It worked!

I used the apps with my daughter, which she would do whilst I dried her hair! She loved the stats and would do a few tests at a time to beat her score. Thanks 11+

Definitely a good idea

I am really pleased that I booked 2 chukra mock tests with about 4-6 weeks apart. I think the best thing was that on the real day my daugther was used to turning up at a different setting, settling down reading the exam questions and listening to instructions, knowing how it was going to be on the real day. She said she found the mock tests really difficult, and she then did Kendrick and Bucks school tests. She found the real tests much easier than the mocks. I nealy withdrew her from the whole process after seeing the mock results, she was in the bottom 10 percent for one paper and only beat 45% of others in the other paper – so don't despair i think it makes you aware that you need to pull your socks up. She ended up with a very good pass for Bucks but didn't pass Kendrick.

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a useful site

My daughter used the site to practice. It helped her to see various kind of question types. It was easy to use and questions were topic based. A good addition to extra preparation. She will be joining her brother to our first choice grammar school.

Mrs Leahy

So helpful

I just don't understand why parents pay for tutoring when everything you need is on this website. I have used this website for my four children who have all successfully passed the 11+ exams in Torquay, Devon. Parents just need to invest a little bit of time and patience and the results come naturally.


Supper happy

Chuckra this is a great website for nearly every child from all over the country. This site is one of the best sites and it is really helping me. Thank you Chuckra. I gave this site a rating of 5 stars because its absolutely brilliant thanks! My son got into the best secondary school, the one we wanted, the following year my sisters son used and passed 11+ and has been offered a place at the best school that he wanted. Thanks for the support.


Two daughters settled at Secondary

I used this for both my daughters for test prep and they both gained a place at the top school of their choice. A fun way to work with your children.


Very happy

It was a nice opportunity for my children to attend mock tests through Chukra, both my children attended them and found them very useful. Easy to book online. No complaints and all good only.

Chandra Muvvala


The mocks were well organised. Providing us the whole paper to view is really great.

What I would like to know more is the number of kids attending the exam. That will give us a relative picture.

It is a bit confusing regarding the maximum. We have local % more than UK %. So is the UK % excluding the local %.

On the whole, very satisfied. Would recommend other parents in future.

I am enjoying Chuckra

I am enjoying the papers on this website and I hope they will help me to pass the exam I will be taking next year. I am hoping to get into a good grammar school. My brother passed the exam because he used this helpful website and I hope I pass too. I am really thanking Chuckra for providing the papers and quick tests because they are helping me so far. This great website gives me a chance to answer a lot of questions. I think I am improving on my maths, english, verbal reasoning etc. If I get into grammar school it will do me a great help and it will be partly because of using Chuckra. :) :)

A grateful user

I worked with my daughter to prepare for a super-selective grammar which accepts fewer than 10% of applicants. I wanted to keep things low-key as I didn't want her to feel under huge pressure and we both found Chuckra really helpful. We liked the mini tutorials which explained the principle behind different question types; the presentations were very approachable and easy to follow and the tests provided good practice.
One of the most useful things for me as a parent was the availability of mock tests from Chuckra with detailed score results from the cohort which had taken the test. This was invaluable as it's otherwise very difficult for an inexperienced parent to know how their child is likely to rank against their peers in a competitive exam. This is probably the only area of 11+ preparation in which a tutor has an advantage over a committed parent, and I was grateful that Chuckra made this data available at a reasonable price.
I feel very strongly that any parent with time and commitment should feel confident to prepare their child for a test which is, after all, aimed at smart ten-year-olds. Success in the 11+ exam should not be determined by wealth and the ability to pay for expensive tutors who claim special insider knowledge. Chuckra is fantastic resource for low-cost and effective material which should give any capable child a decent chance.

Highly recommended

I retired last year from more than 20 years' one-to-one tutoring for 11+ entrance to both state and independent schools. For the last 10 years of that period I recommended that parents enter their children for chuckra's mock tests.

I found that this served many purposes; firstly, children from the maintained (state) sector, usually have no experience at all of formal exams or of examination procedure, which puts them at a disadvantage compared with children from independent primary schools who are often more used to a formal exam setting. Just taking a chuckra mock test gave them that valuable experience of sitting in an examination room, listening to instructions, learning to disregard other entrants' rustling of papers, sneezing, coughing, wriggling etc. and watching the clock to see how much time they had left. Secondly, it gave the complacent ones a 'wake-up call' and the anxious ones reassurance that the tests were within their capabilities and we'd been practising the right skills! Thirdly, I found that if children repeated the tests a few weeks later, they almost always did better second time round, which was a huge confidence-booster. One year I was dismayed to find that one or two papers had been less-than-carefully marked, but generally I was very happy with the whole set-up. I think the mock papers were slightly more difficult than the actual entrance papers my pupils sat (for Reading, Kendrick and independent schools in the Reading area) but that is a good thing.

Christine Orme

Fabulous Site

Great website packed full of useful resources and info to help guide you through the whole daunting 11+ process. I found it to be a real font of all (11+) knowledge. I have two children now happily in grammar school and would highly recommend 11plus.co.uk to any parents that are on their 11+ journey – it really did help us!

Got school placement of choice

Just got school placement result and DS got in to the grammar school he wanted. Made good use of the site over the years and the mock days. Thanks for all the support.

This site is one of the best

Chuckra this is a great website for nearly every child from all over the country. This site is one of the best sites and it is really helping me. Thank you Chuckra. I gave this site a rating of 5 stars because its absolutely brilliant thanks!

The Activity Report is a great idea

I think the Activity Report is a great idea. Also, although I wasn't too happy with the various changes to the website initially, now I have to acknowledge it is much better. The reports and analysis do help to target the areas that they need to work on rather than have them keep churning through papers. Well done to you and your team! Have a great weekend...

CHUKRA you have shown me that i have potential

CHUKRA you have shown me that i have potential so i wanna say a big thank to this site it has boosted me up to about 6 stories higher. THANk YOU

Thank you Chuckra

Thank you chukra im so grateful i passed my 11plus and im doing my sats soon and im confident that i will do well.I got 270 in my bexley test thank you your the best site i have ever been on.

I passed with flying colours!

I passed with flying colours getting 137/141 Thanks Chuckra

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