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I love Chuckra

I love Chuckra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This site is awesome

this site is awsome i am a better learner and when i done my mock test i got 95% as average thanks for the help

This is brilliant

this is brillIant i have improved a lot in nvr

This website is really helping me

This website is really helping me with me maths where I am really behind and my NVR and my VR I am pretty sure with Chuckra help I will pass my 11+ with its help because as i go along me scores are getting better! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I

This site is one of the best

Chukra this is a great website for nearly every child from all over the country. This site is one of the best sites and it is really helping me. Thank you Chukra. I gave this site a rating of 5 stars because its absolutely brilliant thanks!

I don't know how to thank Chuckra

well i dont know how to thank chuckra though i have not started my 11 plus yet im starting in a few weeks time i would have never got this far without chuckra

This website is fantastic

This website is fantastic.I have passed my Exams. Thankyou very much

Thanks Chuckra

Thanks chuckra i am sure i will get there with nvr

I like Coast

i like coast, it makes me more prepared for my test in september

I've really improved my learning

i am learning a lot in my verbal and maths and non-verbal, this made me realise how much i have improved in my learning

With your help, I will pass

Thanks Coast, I am doing my 11+ in about two weeks because we just moved to Tunbridge Wells - just for secondary schools! I had to leave all of mt friends so hopefully, with your help, I will pass and get offered a place at TWGGS (Tunbridge Wells Girls Grammar School) πŸ™‚ xx Wish me good luck!!!

This really helps me!

Thank you Chuckra this really helps me!

I would not be in this place without you

Thank you so much chukra, I got into Woodford County High School for Girls which i am going to go to in September. I would not be in this place without you. I got 259 altogether

Thank you so much

Thank You so much, Chuckra! I have just got my results today and I got 272!!! That means I can join my friend at the Grammar School πŸ™‚

Chuckra has helped me a lot

Chukra has helpedd me alot in my academics now in school I do not have to worry about the 11 plus.

I really like Chuckra

i really like chuckra its improved my verbal a lot i am getting 100% in nearly everything i really like it

Lovely site

With this site my daughter has been able to develop and grow. She has just passed the 11+ with 148 marks thanks to this lovely site and i shall be looking foward to using it once more for my son. Chuckra is a great site for the 11+.

Thank you 11+!

11+ has helped me so much that it has improved my learning skills in all subjects. Thank you 11+!

Fantastic site

I would like to thank you for a fantastic site. My second son has just passed his 11 plus with scores of 140,140 and 137. This is in part down to your realistically levelled papers which prepare a child for what the exam is really like. My eldest son also passed a couple of years ago thanks to what was then Chuckra! I look forward to using you once more in a few years for my youngest son.

I am fully confident

Just want to say thank you to Chukra now I am fully confident about my up coming exam and am sure to pass

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