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I passed thanks to you!

Thank you Chuckra i have passed my entrace examination thanks to you im so glad! 3 cheers for them. Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray Hip Hip Hooray

Thanks Chuckra for everything!

Thxs chukra for everthing!! I passed on the kent: 141nvr 141vr 123maths Total 405 Bexley: Total 236 Thx sooo much!

My son passed excellently!

I'm an out of county mum and registered my son for the Bucks 11+ which he sat last month in the half term. Before the exams we made him sit for one Chuckra mock test which indicated that he had no chance for grammar school given that test score, it was not good. After the mock my husband and I literally stretched our boy with all your on-line resources morning and evening. We didn't use an external tutor, I served as his main tutor and my husband supported. Our boy is smart however, sometimes he tends to be very lazy so we needed to push him very hard.To cut a long story short, his Bucks results came through the post today and he had SMASHED it. He passed excellently and nearly got 141! We are so pleased and want to thank you also for your on-line resources. To all parents out there who feel daunted, please keep up the hard work it will pay off.

I can't believe I got full marks!

Thank you chuckra,I 've passed by kent test with 418 marks out of 423! I also passed my Bexly test with 237, the pass mark was 217! I have improved with my nvr i can't believe i got full marks for it! I got full marks with every thing but mised out 5 points in maths! I couldn't have done it without you!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully I am going to go to dartford grammer because i live 3 miles away and my score!!!!!Give God all the glory!!!!!

Best website ever!

Thank you chuckra coast you have really pushed my limits,and thanks to you I done my best in the 11+ I have enjoyed it so much this has helped me a lot I got 214 all I needed was two more marks , chuckra helped me to get that score and for that I want to say a massive thank you and I have convinced some people to go on chuckra. And now they are paying to go on chuckra THANK YOU!!! EST WEBSITE EVER!!!!!!

Thank you so much!

THANK YOU SO MUCH CHUKRA !!!!! I have passed my 11+ just because of you with 136 out of 141 ! I am still using this site for my buckinghamshire tests and i can hpefully pass both my verbal tests there as well ... with the help of you

Chuckra has really helped me

I am doing my 11+ in a few days and I really think Chuckra has helped me!Thank you so much!

Thanks again

Thanks Chukra, I got my results today and scored 100% marks. Practice papers and post paper analysis of difficulties helped me a lot. Thanks again.

I will pass my exam

My elven plus is on the 12th and 13th of September 2012 I am ready I think well I know I will pass my elven plus and its go to be true because of all the happy comment's on here!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

I am so happy that I passed

I am so happy that I have passed. Thank you Chukra. You have helped me a lot.

Thank you Chuckra

thankyou chukra now im sure i'll make it you have made me improve in maths a lott i am recommending this to everyone else who is doing the 11+ or common entrance exam

My daughter is more confident

Well my little girl Harkiran's 11+ is coming up and she was worried at first know as she has been using Chuckra so much she is more confident. Chuckra is a website that helps children no matter how much help they need my friend gave this website to me so many people know about and they should as not all the time children can be helped by a tutor because as you know kids love computers so this is a great online way to help them. With her tutor she doe not need anymore no one really wil with coast

Chuckra is a great website

Well Chuckra is a great website and cheap as most things are free. I have given this website to my friends and they said its amazing. Everyone in my class is using it and say its a 100 stars. I was in set 3 maths, thats bad and know, but thanks to Chuckra I am in 2. Yay and that means I can do my 11+.Three cheers for Chuckrahip hip horayhip hip horayhip hip horayone for good luck but they dont need ithip hip horay!!!!

Best learning website

It is the best learning webste ever

Chuckra is awesome

Chuckra is awesome!

Chuckra was really helpful to me

chuckra was very helpful to me. i completed all the tests and got more than 90% in all of them.

You boosted my confidence

Thank you so much chuckra!You've boosted my confidence all the way through and I am doing my 11+ Exam in september.

I love Chuckra

I love Chuckra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This site is awesome

this site is awsome i am a better learner and when i done my mock test i got 95% as average thanks for the help

This is brilliant

this is brillIant i have improved a lot in nvr

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